This site provides an overview of how OUS procures construction-related services, professional services, goods & services.Comprehensive state rules are detailed in the links below:

OUS Procurement Rules

OUS General Conditions

Personal/Professional Services and Goods and Services

Oregon Administrative Rules 580-061-0000 through 580-061-0160 and 580-062-0000 through 580-062-0025 set out the processes for acquiring Personal/Professional Services and Goods & Services.  Personal/Professional Services are those services offered by an independent contractor whose experience, expertise, specialized skills or reputation in the field are required for completion of the project.  Examples are: consultants, graphic artists, and speakers.  Goods & Services include a vast array of commodities and services.  Examples are: telecom equipment, computer and printing equipment, grounds equipment, software, installation services, office supplies, cleaning supplies, facility maintenance or repair.

Construction Related Services

Oregon Administrative Rules 580-061-0000 through 580-061-0160 and 580-063-0000 through 580-063-0045 set out the process for acquiring Construction Related services. Construction Related Services are services related to construction of new facilities or major facility improvement.  Examples are: finance, design, preconstruction and construction.  Because of statutory and other regulatory requirements, Construction Related Services are divided into two categories: Professional Consultants and Construction Services.  Professional consultants are architects, engineers, planners, land surveyors, appraisers, construction managers, and similar professional consultants.  Construction Services are all other services related construction and major facility improvement. 

Institutions may use two separate methods to procure Construction Related Services, including Professional Consultants and Construction Services. Current bidding opportunities for both methods are listed on the home page for Doing Business with OUS:

  • Standard Procurement. Using this Standard Procurement method, Institutions must provide a variety of notice to the contracting community based on the estimated contract price.  To view standard bid forms and contracts, go to Bid and Contract Templates.
  • Retainer ProgramOregon Administrative Rules 580-063-0025 and 580-063-0030 allow the Oregon University System to issue retainer contracts to facilitate cost savings and other efficiencies when performing small capital construction projects. The Retainer Program includes a list of pre-approved Professional Consultants and a list of pre-approved Construction Related Services Contractors who have already entered into a contract to provide services at a fixed rate of compensation and on certain terms.  When Institutions have a project, they contact those firms on the retainer to quickly procure and execute a supplement to the contract for the specific project. When requesting bids, institutions must contact a certain number of firms in the Retainer Program based on the estimated contract price for the project.  The Retainer Program page contains searchable databases of current retainer agreements.