The Oregon University System (OUS) and its member Institutions[1] are responsible for the maintenance and repair of more than half the state owned buildings in Oregon.   

To assist in the maintenance and repair of these buildings the OUS awards uniform “Retainer Contracts” for the following two categories:

1) Professional consulting services (generally architects and engineers), and

2) Construction-related services (generally the trades traditionally associated with construction projects, but including asbestos, lead, mold and silica abatement). 

Multiple Retainer Contracts are awarded for each category of service and are thereafter maintained in a Retainer Program database. 

For any project valued at $1,000,000 or less, an Institution may contact a Retainer Contractor from the Retainer Program database to execute a supplementary agreement, called a “Supplement,” stating the scope of work and price term. 

Retainer Contractors are selected for Supplement award according to the rules found in Oregon Administrative Rule Chapter 580, Divisions 61 and 63 (www.ous.edu/about-ous/doing-business-ous/procurement-rules-terms). Contractors may be awarded multiple Supplements during the Retainer Contract term.  However, Retainer Contractors are not guaranteed work and may not be issued a Supplement as participants in the Retainer Program.

To Join:

To join the Retainer Program as either a consultant or contractor, firms must respond to a Request for Proposal (RFP).  When the OUS is accepting proposals from consultants and/or contractors the RFP(s) will be posted at the following website:

If you visit the above website and find that the RFP you are interested in is not posted, please email RetainerProgram@ous.edu and indicate whether you are interested in the professional consulting or construction-related services retainer contract to receive an email when that RFP is posted.

After July 1, 2014 the University of Oregon and Portland State University will no longer be participating in the retainer program (please email capcon@uoregon.edu and proposals@pdx.edu for more information on each university's respective plans).  

Current Retainer Contracts:

You may review current Retainer Contractors in the Retainer Program database at the following links:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Please review the following PDF document which addresses the most frequently asked questions regarding the Retainer Program:

[1] Eastern Oregon University (La Grande); Oregon Institute of Technology (Klamath Falls); Oregon State University (Corvallis and Bend); Oregon State University – Cascades Campus (Bend); Portland State University (Portland); Southern Oregon University (Ashland); University of Oregon (Eugene); and Western Oregon University (Monmouth); and Portland Community College (Participating Agency in Portland). Note: after July 1, 2014 the University of Oregon and Portland State University will no longer be participating in the retainer program.