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This page contains the General Records Retention Schedule for the Oregon University System (OUS). It may be used by and applied to any department, division, or unit of institutions in the OUS and the Chancellor's Office. The schedule is divided into 21 functional sections such as Administrative Records, Personnel Records, Grants and Research Records, etc.

The schedule applies to public records regardless of medium or physical format, created or stored by departments, divisions, or units in the Oregon University System (OAR 166-475-0005).

Previous Schedules

This schedule replaces all institutional and Chancellor's Office schedules approved previous to February 14, 2003 and is part of the Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR Chapter 166, Division 475). Records that are unique to an institution will need to be covered in special schedules created by that campus' records officer.


Some terms that are used often in the retention schedule may not be familiar to you or you may have used them in a different context.  For the purpose of the schedule, the following terms or phrases are used in the following ways.

RECORD COPY: The official copy of a public record when multiple copies exist (OAR 166-005-0010(7)). The single official copy of a document maintained on file by any office, department, unit, or subsection of an OUS institution, or administrative or managerial unit. Sometimes called the file copy. The record copy is usually, but not always, the original. A record copy may be held by the creating office or another office of record.

OTHER COPIES: Copies of an official public record, produced by photoduplication, distribution of an electronic document or by other means that serves an administrative function and is maintained for reasons other other than pure reference or convenience. Extra copies of a document, preserved only for convenience of reference are exempt from the definition of public record by ORS 192.005(5)(d).     

Searching the Retention Schedule

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Oregon Administrative Rules, Chapter 166, Division 475

OAR 166-475-0005 Oregon University System Records

This General Schedule prescribes the retention periods for public records created and maintained by the institutions of the Oregon University System. Retention periods apply to the record copy of all public records, regardless of medium or physical format, created or stored by the above specified agencies. Please note the exception to this general schedule listed in OAR 166-030-0026 before disposing of records. OAR 166-475-005 defines retention periods for the following subjects.

OAR 166-475-0010 Administrative Records

OAR 166-475-0015 Budgets Records

OAR 166-475-0020 Contracts Records

OAR 166-475-0025 Curriculum & Instruction

OAR 166-475-0030 Equipment & Supplies Records

OAR 166-475-0035 Facilities & Property Records

OAR 166-475-0040 Fiscal - Accounts Records

OAR 166-475-0045 Fiscal - Cash Records

OAR 166-475-0050 Fiscal - Payables and Receivables

OAR 166-475-0055 Financial Aid Records

OAR 166-475-0060 Grants & Research Records

OAR 166-475-0065 Health Services Records

OAR 166-475-0070 Information Management Records

OAR 166-475-0075 Institutional Services Records

OAR 166-475-0080 Intercollegiate Athletics Records

OAR 166-475-0085 Libraries, Archives, Museums & Other Collections Records

OAR 166-475-0090 Payroll Records

OAR 166-475-0095 Personnel Records

OAR 166-475-0100 Publications, Promotions & Alumni Records

OAR 166-475-0105 Safety & Security Records

OAR 166-475-0110 Student Record