OUS Vision:

Raise the educational aspirations achievements of all Oregonians by providing lifelong education and knowledge development through teaching and learning, inquiry and innovation, and the application of knowledge to global, national, state, and local needs.

Board Goals:

The Board of Higher Education, on behalf of OUS, seeks to accomplish the following broad goals to produce the highest level of educational attainment for Oregonians:

  1. Create in Oregon an educated citizenry to support responsible roles in a democratic society and provide a globally competitive workforce to drive the State’s economy, while ensuring access for all qualified Oregonians to quality postsecondary education;
  2. Ensure high quality student learning leading to subsequent student success;
  3. Create original knowledge and advance innovation, and
  4. Contribute positively to the economic, civic, and cultural life of communities in all regions of Oregon.
  5. Promote and support initiatives that sustain diverse representation, inclusion, and engagement of students, and provide equitable opportunities for the employment and advancement of diverse faculty and staff within OUS.

40-40-20 Goal for Oregon:

The Legislative Assembly declares that the mission of all education beyond high school in Oregon includes achievement of the following by 2025 [ORS 351.009]:

  1. Ensure that at least 40 percent of adult Oregonians have earned a bachelor's degree or higher.
  2. Ensure that at least 40 percent of adult Oregonians have earned an associate's degree or post-secondary credential as their highest level of educational attainment.
  3. Ensure that the remaining 20 percent or less of all adult Oregonians have earned a high school diploma, an extended or modified high school diploma or the equivalent of a high school diploma as their highest level of educational attainment.