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Meeting Statewide Higher Education Goals

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The State Board of Higher Education entrusts the system office, known as the Chancellor’s Office, to carry out the Board’s statewide goals and initiatives for the benefit of Oregon and Oregonians, as well as implementing legislatively identified and required fiduciary, compliance, and other duties, Board and Governor’s policies, and all directives related to higher education. The Chancellor’s Office ensures that higher education is efficient and aligned; provides consolidated functions for the campuses in many areas to ease the financial strain on students and Oregon tax payers; and ensures that statewide higher education partnerships and initiatives are collectively advanced in ways which benefit Oregonians now and in the future. Interim Chancellor Melody Rose was appointed by the Board in March 2013.

The first chancellor was hired in 1931 to oversee a growing number of public universities in Oregon and to ensure an overarching statewide mission that would serve the best interests of all Oregonians. The chancellor is hired by the Board and entrusted to carry out the policies of the Board as its chief executive officer. Functions of the Chancellor’s Office include:

  • Developing and implementing initiatives, policies, and goals of the Board, Governor, and Legislature;
  • Directing the numerous consolidated functions that avoid duplication across campuses such as payroll, financial reporting, internal audit, system-wide data and informational systems, legal services for the four small campuses, and others;
  • Coordinating capital construction to ensure that facilitates and statewide capacity are examined across the system;
  • Developing and managing partnerships and initiatives between educational sectors that improve and expand educational attainment and success, including performance measurement, transfer and articulation policies and tools, and alignment of academic programs and missions;
  • Legislative and executive responses including leading the biennial operating and capital budget process and presenting to the Legislative Assembly;
  • Advancing and incentivizing collaborations among institutions and their partners;
  • Managing external federal and private grant funds;
  • Centralized coordination of statewide work with other education and state partners and agencies; and
  • Other system functions (see the Other system functions (see the 2013 Issue Brief on Major Work of the Chancellor's Office or go to OUS Departments).

As the chief executive and administrative officer of the OUS, the Chancellor reports directly to the Board, and serves as the agency head for the Department of Higher Education, the budgetary name for the OUS. The Chancellor supervises a system administration leadership team (see contacts below) who, along with the campus leadership and councils, manages the work of the OUS. For more information on the system structure, see the Oregon University System Organizational Chart. The Chancellor is regularly and routinely briefed by all Chancellor's Office department directors including the Chief Audit Executive of Internal Audit, who also reports to the Board.


  • Dr. Melody Rose, Interim Chancellor, bio
  • Contact:, Rod Johnson, Executive Assistant to the Chancellor; 503-725-5707

Vice Chancellors:

Senior staff whose functions are shared with the Board: