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Governance and Reform

Higher Education Governance Legislation Brings Change to OUS

The critical need to educate more Oregonians to meet student, state and workforce needs prompted the Governor, the Legislature, and the State Board of Higher Education to seek a number of higher education reforms over the last few years to improve student success and address the need for new ways of funding our public universities. These reforms, passed in the last few legislative sessions, intensified the focus on student outcomes through statewide and campus achievement compacts, and created a more flexible, decentralized governance structure.

This is an exciting time for higher education in Oregon. The reform process has brought valuable assets to the table: high quality universities and faculty; an excellent, diverse student pool; and a committed group of educators, policy makers and other Oregonians who are driven by a shared goal of better outcomes for students. The result of this reform is a unique alignment of purpose between the Legislature, the Governor, and the higher education sector, with a clear end goal: getting to 40-40-20, Oregon’s education attainment goal. All Oregonians deserve its promise of personal opportunity and statewide prosperity.

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