Fiscal Year 2013-2014






New Schedules 2014:  FS8b - Capital Asset Roll Forward;  a campus specific schedule will be provided to each instituiton to reconcile capital asset beginning balances to ending balances.  Required schedule to upload to SharePoint.
FS17 - Service concession Arrangements; As required per GASB 60.  Informaiton was previously gathered in an email; required schedule to upload to SharePoint
SF18 - Significant Commitments; to adequetly verify disclosures made in DAS disclosure 14.  Required schedule to upload to SharePoint.

3/17/14 Changed Schedule 2014:  CB4 - Deferred Revenue and Prepaid Expenses; added a requirement for summer session data.
FS15 - Pollution Remediation Obligations; added guidance on determing if a obligation exists. Required schedule to upload to SharePoint.
3/17/14 Deleted Schedules for 2014: CI1-Two-Yeal Old Outstanding Revolving Fund Checks.  Schedule is no longer required as it only applied to one university.

Last Updated: 03/17/14