UO PAYROLL: 541-346-3151 FAX: 541-346-1109 PHONE E-MAIL
  Judy Duff, Payroll Manager 541-346-1104 judyduff@uoregon.edu
  Kenny Ly, Assistant Payroll Manager 541-346-1107 kly@uoregon.edu
  Shelby Cooper, Assistant Payroll Accounting Manager 541-346-3092 shelbyc@uoregon.edu
  Kathryn Daniel, Payroll Accountant 541-346-3148 kdaniel@uoregon.edu
  Keri Bartow, GTF Payroll Specialist 541-346-1101 kbartow1@uoregon.edu
  Cindy Huie, Academic, Retirement, and Foreign National Payroll 541-346-1132  chuie@uoregon.edu
  Debra Bohannan, Foreign National Specialist 541-346-1122 dbohanna@uoregon.edu
  Chad Hartvigsen, Academic Payroll 541-346-1106 chadh@uoregon.edu
  Nancy Miller, Retirement Payroll Specialist 541-346-1126 nancy@uoregon.edu
  Mindy Schmidling, Classified Payroll Specialist 541-346-2960 mindy@uoregon.edu
  Ben Kane, Student Payroll 541-346-1084 bkane@uoregon.edu
  BENEFITS FAX: 541-346-2548    
  Laurie Mills, Medical Leaves Coordinator 541-346-2950 lmills@uoregon.edu
  Lynn Petersen, Benefits Specialist 541-346-3086 lynnp@uoregon.edu
  Cindi Peterson, Benefits Coordinator 541-346-2956 cindip@uoregon.edu
  Ernie Pressman, Benefits Administrator 541-346-2967 pressman@uoregon.edu
OSU PAYROLL: 541-737-3232 FAX: 541-737-9490    
Steve Nash, Payroll Manager 541-737-9491 Steve.Nash@oregonstate.edu
  Sue Hall, Asst. Payroll Manager 541-737-8610 Sue.Hall@oregonstate.edu     
  Natalie Aichlmayr, Unclassified Pay 541-737-0574 Natalie.Aichlmayr@oregonstate.edu
  Helen Brittain, Classified Pay 541-737-0573 Helen.Brittain@oregonstate.edu
  Lucy Carlson, Student Pay Coordinator 541-737-0576 Lucy.Carlson@oregonstate.edu
  Anita Gurule, Payroll Processing & Accounting 541-737-3770 Anita.Gurule@oregonstate.edu
  Kristi Rietz, Project Analyst & EmpCenter Coordinator 541-737-8611 Kristi.Rietz@oregonstate.edu
  Jerie Thorson, Receptionist 541-737-0575 Jerie.Thorson@oregonstate.edu
  Trini Willson, Graduate Students & Fee Remissions 541-737-0577 Trini.Wilson@oregonstate.edu
  BENEFITS FAX: 541-737-0553    
  Donna Chastain, Associate Director, HR 541-737-2806 Donna.Chastain@oregonstate.edu
  Heidi Melton, Human Resources Officer-Worker's Compensation


  Patricia Young, Benefits Consultant Retirement 541-737-8254 Patricia.Young@oregonstate.edu
  Christina Bacchi, Benefits Consultant 541-737-2835 Christina.bacchi@oregonstate.edu
  Jessica Dalziel, Benefits Consultant 541-737-3521 Jessica.Dalziel@oregonstate.edu
  Whitney Barstad, Benefits Consultant 541-737-2269 Whitney.barstad@oregonstate.edu
  Center for HR Systems & Technology FAX 541-737-7771 541-737-8300  
  Linda Sather, Associate Director for HR Systems & Technology 541-737-8076 Linda.Sather@oregonstate.edu
  Sue Knowles, HR Technical Lead 541-737-9484 Sue.Knowles@oregonstate.edu
PSU PAYROLL: 503-725-4926 FAX: 503-725-5896    
  Pam Hutchins, Associate Director for HR: Payroll, HRIS & Compensation 503-725-5990 hutchp@pdx.edu
  Julia Valpiani, Sr. Payroll Accountant - labor redistributions, payroll w/holding acct. reconciliations, staff fee privilege 503-725-4942 valpiani@pdx.edu
  Jennifer McLean, Payroll Operations Manager - coor. daily payroll operations, wage/hour law, overpymts, web time entry, timesheets, leave rosters, approver/proxy setup 503-725-5090 mcleanjc@pdx.edu
  Vui Han-Mar, Sr. Payroll Accountant - garnishments, retirement systems, reconciiation, manual checks, wage/hour law, leaves, web time entry 503-725-3755 hanvk@pdx.edu
  Daniel Hernandez, Deductions Coordinator - mandatory & optional w/holding, international emp. w/holding, direct deposit 503-725-8361 danh@pdx.edu
  Gina Turner, Payroll Accountant - garnishments, reconciliation, manual checks, wage/hour law, leaves, web time entry 503-725-4945 gturner@pdx.edu
  Ruth Rose, Payroll Reconciliations Accountant - PERS-EDX reconciliations, labor redistributions, payroll reconciliations.  503-725-9640  rarose@pdx.edu
  Kerry Gilbreth, Assoc. Dir. for HR: Benefits Leaves & HR Reception 503-725-3749  gilbreth@pdx.edu
  Kristin Smith, Leaves Manager - FMLA, Disability, ADA accommodations, Workers' Comp., and personal leaves 503-725-9686 ksmith@pdx.edu
  Melissa Young, Sr. Benefits Coordinator - health/optional benefits enrollment/changes, family medical leaves 503-725-4996 melissa.young@pdx.edu
  Mariah Riddle, Payroll/Benefits Systems Coordinator- retirement plan enrollment/changes, benefits, deductions/adjustments. 503-725-4963 mriddle@pdx.edu
  Ali Nasiri, HR Co-Coordinator 503-725-4926 anasiri@pdx.edu
  Madison Manley, HR Co-Coordinator 503-725-4926 madisonm@pdx.edu
  Patricia Ann Guss, Personnel Files Assistant 503-725-4977 gussp@pdx.edu
  Velia Robles, HRIS Analyst/Project Manager 503-725-4927 roblesv@pdx.edu
  Justin Moore, HRIS Assistant 503-725-4931 moorejm@pdx.edu 
WOU BUDGET/PAYROLL: 503-838-8204 FAX: 503-838-8522    
  Eric Yahnke, Vice President of Finance & Administration 503-838-8459 yahnkee@wou.edu
  Dustin Cotton, Payroll Manager 503-838-8125 cottond@wou.edu
  Kristin Olsen, Administrative Program Specialist 503-838-8092 olsenk@wou.edu
  Sandy Quiring, Administrative Program Assistant 503-838-8141 quirings@wou.edu
  Kelli Whisenhunt, Payroll Technician 503-838-8677 Whisenhk@wou.edu
  HUMAN RESOURCES: 503-838-8490 FAX: 503-838-8144    
  Judy Vanderburg, HR Director 503-838-8490 vanderj@wou.edu
  Bill Sexton, HR Manager, Employee Relations 503-838-8139 sextonw@wou.edu
  Kathy Bolen, HR Recruitment/Records Manager 503-838-8552 bolenk@wou.edu
  Heather Mercer, HR Benefits/FMLA Manager 503-838-8963 mercerh@wou.edu
  Kayla Fordham, Receptionist 503-838-8490 fordhamk@wou.edu
SOU PAYROLL: 541-552-8506 FAX: 541-552-8508    
  Sandy Sweet, Payroll Manager 541-552-8244 sweets2@sou.edu
  Donna Holtz, Assistant Payroll Manager 541-552-6317 holtzd@sou.edu
  Paige Jensen, Administrative Program Assistant 541-552-6242 pjensen@sou.edu
  Stacy Shaver, Payroll Technician 541-552-8506 shavers@sou.edu
  HUMAN RESOURCES: 541-552-8550 FAX: 541-552-8249    
  Gail Beliveau, HR Associate 541-552-8553 beliveau@sou.edu
  Colin Bunnell, HR Training/Development Manager 541-552-6512 BunnellC@sou.edu
  Jon Jennings, HR Associate 541-552-6315 JenningsJ@sou.edu
  Barbara Marah, HR Associate 541-552-6167 marah@sou.edu
EOU PAYROLL: 541-962-3548 FAX: 541-962-3023    
  Art Doherty, HR Director 541-962-3516 adoherty@eou.edu
  Angie Scott, Payroll Manager 541-962-3634 ascott@eou.edu
  April Farthing, Payroll Technician 541-962-3286 afarthing@eou.edu
  Jacque Neagle, Exec. Assist. to the HR Director 541-962-3548 jnaegle@eou.edu
OIT HUMAN RESOURCES: 541-885-1120 PAYROLL: 541-885-1210 FAX: 541-885-1115    
  Ron McCutcheon, Director of HR 541-885-1108 ron.mccutcheon@oit.edu
  Faletha Fowler, Payroll Assistant 541-885-1211 faletha.fowler@oit.edu
  Karen Blevins, Payroll Manager 541-885-1210 Karen.blevins@oit.edu
  Sandi Hanan, HR coordinator 541-885-1074 sandi.hanan@oit.edu
  Tracie Houtz, HR Specialist 541-885-1278 tracie.houtz@oit.edu
  Vicky Seger, Benefits Officer 541-885-1028 vicky.seger@oit.edu
CO PAYROLL: 541-737-3636 FAX: 541-737-0552    
  John Craven, Payroll Manager 541-737-3466 john_craven@ous.edu
  Barb Childers 541-737-6617 barb_childers@ous.edu
  Lori Forbis 541-737-8175 lori_forbis@ous.edu
  Denise Branam 541-737-0830 denise_branam@ous.edu
  Wendy Santucci 541-737-0836 wendy_santucci@ous.edu
  Jaema Brenneman, Chancellor's Office Payroll Manager 541-737-0824 jaema_brenneman@ous.edu
  Jessica Dalziel, Chancellor's Office Benefits 541-737-2269 Jessica.Dalziel@oregonstate.edu
  Patricia Young , Chancellor's Office Benefits - Retirement 541-737-8254 Patricia.Young@oregonstate.edu