Employment Verification

Before you contact us, please verify the specific campus location in order to expedite your information request.   Once you have verified the campus, please contact the specific campus location directly

Contact information:

EOU - Eastern Oregon University, La Grande:

HR office:  541-962-3548

OIT - Oregon Institute of Technology, Klamath Falls: 

HR office: 541-885-1074  or  FAX:  541-851-5200

OSU - Oregon State University, Corvallis: 

Vendor-The Work Number: 800-367-2884; OSU Information On Using This Vendor Service:   OSU The Work Number

If The Work Number Does Not Work, Contact OSU HR Systems Staff at 541-737-8300

PSU - Portland State University, Portland: 

HR office:  503-725-4926

SOU - Southern Oregon University, Ashland: 

HR office:  541-552-8553  or  FAX: 541-552-8508

UO - University of Oregon, Eugene: 

HR office:  541-346-2959  or  FAX: 541-346-2548

WOU - Western Oregon University, Monmouth: 

HR office:  503-838-8490  or  FAX: 503-838-8144

OUS-CO - Chancellor’s Office: 

OUS payroll office: 541-737-0824  or  FAX:  541-737-0552

Contacts regarding retirement and voluntary savings plans

Oregon Public Universities Retirement Plans

Contacts for other HR-related questions

OUS Human Resources Office

  • HR@ous.edu,   541-346-5832     Fax:  541-346-5764