Risk Control is an activity or action that reduces the frequency, severity or unpredictability of losses, thereby, perserving university resources and reducing the chance of losses occurring.

The Office of Risk Management provides the following risk control services:

  • guidance on regulatory and compliance related matters
  • training development and facilitation;
  • identification, assessment and suggestions to address risks through collaboration with university staff from many departments, notably the departments of Risk Management, Human Resources, and Environmental Health and Safety; and
  • other consulting services as needed.

Reducing risk, preventing risk and avoiding risk are different risk control techniques, but selecting the most appropriate type of risk control technique for a given situation can be challenging. A Risk Assessment can help in this process.

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments are tools to help identify potential hazards or concerns with certain activities and their potential impact to people and other assets of the university system. A risk assessment is intended to be an objective evaluation of risk in which assumptions and uncertainties are thoroughly considered and the likelihood of potential loss and probablity of a loss occurring are quantified. Staff, activity coordinators and students should utilize the below risk assessments as a part of their activity planning processes.

Risk Assessments - coming soon