Risk Finance consists of determining the balance between transferring risk and retaining risk. The Oregon Universtiy System Office of Risk Management achieves this primarily through the purchase of insurance policies for the Oregon University System, as well as through the management of the Risk Fund. Certificates of Insurance and Assumption of Risk forms are other tools that are used to achieve this balance.

The Office of Risk Management has the authority to purchase insurance on behalf of the Oregon University System. They currently manage insurance policies covering a wide range of risks for the Universities within the Oregon University System,

The Risk Fund consists of three sub-funds: the Casualty Fund, the Property Fund, and the Workers' Compensation Fund. It is maintained in accordance with the Risk Fund Policy.

Certificates of Insurance are documents used to verify the existence of insurance coverage at a specific point in time. Please work with your Risk Manager to request an Oregon University System Certificates of Insurance for a third party. The Office of Risk Management would like Certificates of Insurance from third parties as well. The following form can be used in these requests.

The Tenants' and Users' Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP) provides special event liability coverage for thrid parties who use Oregon University System facilities for specific events. It is a low-cost option for third partie who do not carry liability insurance. For questions about this program or to purchase it, please work with your Risk Manager.