Projects managed by the Office of Student Success Initiatives related to K-16 alignment include:

  • Articulated Transfer Linked Audit System (ATLAS)  ATLAS is an innovative web-based system designed for more effective transfer of credits between community college and OUS institutions. The service gives students and academic advisors real-time information on how and where completed college courses transfer between post-secondary institutions, and helps students find appropriate courses to more quickly complete a degree or program.
  • Course Approval  Each spring Oregon high schools update their lists of college prep classes to accurately reflect the courses being offered in the following academic year, through the OUS online college preparatory course approval system. This information helps students to demonstrate proof of adequate academic preparation prior to being offered admission at one of Oregon’s public universities.
  • Integrated Data Transfer System (IDTS) IDTS is a system to transmit student transcripts between high schools, community colleges, and universities in Oregon. By connecting the state’s three education sectors, the data system supports student progression from high school to college and between postsecondary institutions.
  • Proficiency-based Admission Standards System (PASS) is a system of educational standards designed to align OUS admission with K-12 standards and performance measures. Created through a partnership between the Board of Higher Education and the Board of Education, PASS gives students better preparation for college by making sure they have the required skills and knowledge to succeed. Students can use a variety of assessment methods to create a "College Admissions Profile" that includes information about their proficiency in six key subjects. The PASS option for admissions is available to schools, but will soon be incorporated into a revised Admissions policy based on the Essential Skills of the High School Diploma.