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Academic Strategies

The Academic Strategies Division oversees a broad array of strategic development activities, planning, analysis, and accountability reporting in support of the Oregon State Board of Higher Education.

The Division is also responsible for OUS-wide academic and faculty research planning and policies, K-20 collaborations, student success initiatives, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), outreach to industry, and coordination and development of academic programs and policies on behalf of the Board. The Division provides support for the Board’s Academic Strategies Committee, the Joint Boards’ Unified Education Enterprise Committee, the OUS Provosts’ Council, the Oregon Engineering & Technology Industry Council (ETIC), the Oregon Pre-engineering & Applied Science Initiative and the Oregon Metals Initiative.

Functions residing in Academic Strategies include Institutional Research (which includes Performance Measurement), Student Success Initiatives (which includes College Access Programs), Industry Partnerships, and Academic Standards and Collaborations.

New Initiatives:

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For contacts in Institutional Research, Academic Standards and Collaborations, and Student Success Initiatives, see the department pages for each area (links to right). Staff within Academic Strategies include: