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Capital and Facilities Planning

The Capital and Facilities Planning Department is committed to wise stewardship of Oregon University System's physical assets. The department oversees the management of, and advocacy for, construction, maintenance, and sustainability of campus facilities and subsystems. Capital and Facilities Planning leads the capital project request process, tracks deferred maintenance, coordinates efforts with other state and federal agencies such as FEMA and DOGAMI, and manages system-wide capital construction initiatives. The department works closely with Contracts and Purchasing, campus facilities, and campus finance departments to coordinate system efforts.  Capital and Facilities Planning’s role in OUS consists of three primary focal areas:

For information on contract and bidding opportunities with OUS and policies on procurement, please go to the Doing Business with OUS page and sections.

Overview: Stewardship of University Facilities for Oregon

Public universities have an uncommon commitment to place. This is particularly true in our diverse, geographically and culturally distinct state. Oregon's public university buildings are in many ways the most enduring assets in the state. These revenue-generating institutional facilities receive heavy use over generations of students. The investments made in OUS universities and their campus assets are permanent, and each university stewards those investments in perpetuity for the campus and its community. The quality and character of university buildings help to define regional identity.  As such, stewardship of these assets informs the conception, design, construction, and ongoing management of campus facilities. How buildings perform, adapt, and are renewed over time is continuously evaluated in the planning process.  

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