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Account Codes for Budget Reserves for Future Fiscal Years

A request was made by the University Of Oregon to create a new budget only account code for use in distinguishing budget allocations in the current fiscal year that are not intended to be expended until a future fiscal year. There appeared to be a universal need to make this distinction; however, different institutions have employed different solutions. Various options were discussed and ultimately arrived at creating new account type level I and II codes, two new control accounts, and a hierarchy of new budget only account codes. The use of these codes are optional and to be determine by institutional management. See the following links for the final adopted proposal and associated work papers:

The account types and account codes have been implemented using July 1, 2009 effective dates in all charts.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these account codes, please contact Nick Miller, Nick_Miller@ous.edu (phone 541-737-3113).