Real Property Update Form - Suggested Items, Appendix 2

Each institution is in charge of maintaining and updating their real property records in Banner Fixed Assets. What follows is a list of items that institutions should include (at a minimum) when creating a form/report to be used in the maintaining and updating of the real property records in Banner Fixed Assets. The format of the form/report should allow the fixed assets office to input information directly into the system. The data on the form is the official record and must be printed, signed and retained as the source of the real property records entered into Banner Fixed Assets.

(A) New CIP Record, (B) Increase in Amount of CIP, (C) Conversion of CIP to completed or substantially completed asset, (D) Increase in Amount of Completed/Substantially completed asset, (E) New completed asset (not formerly CIP), (F) Other, (G) Disposal

How acquired?

[Gift, Lease, Loaned, Purchased, Constructed, Other (specify)]

Permanent tag number:

See notes pertaining to Ptag numbering convention, Leave null (blank) for attachments (increases to existing assets).

Primary tag number:

Applies only to: (1) building components; (2) additions or improvements to existing real property assets; or (3) attachments to real property assets for additional capitalized costs to CIP or completed or "substantially completed" buildings.

Subordinate type

[applies only to Primary tag numbers]: For building components, additions or improvements to existing real property assets, enter `C' for Components. For attachments to real property assets for additional capitalized costs, enter `A' for Attachments.

Real Property Record Description

If record is an addition or improvement to an existing asset, be sure to include the year & the word: "Addition" or "Improvement" in Asset Desc.

Real Property Type:

Specify "Building, Improvement other than Buildings, Infrastructure, Depr Land Improvement, Non-Depr Land Improvement"

Asset Type Code:

Refer to Asset Type validation table

Acquisition Method:

Enter `CN' for `constructed', `GF' for `gift', `LE' for `lease' or see Acquisition code validation table for other acceptable codes

Acquisition Date:

Date acquired

Land Card Number:

Land card number of associated land parcel - (Put in the User Reference Number field - FFBMAST_EXT_REF_NUM)

In Service Date:

Date asset put into service

Gift Indicator:

Enter "N" if not a gift; enter "Y" if gift

Work in Progress Indicator:

Enter "Y" if CIP record; Null (blank) if not CIP record

Condition Code:

Refer to Condition validation table.

Title To:

For CIP records enter "SN" - "OUS Owned Not Insured;" for non-CIP records enter "SI" - "OUS Owned Insured" or see Title-To validation table for other acceptable codes.

Responsible COA:

Enter letter to signify University's Chart (B:UO, C:OSU, D:PSU, E:WOU, F:SOU, G:EOU, H:OIT, K:CO)

Responsible Organization Code:

Enter organization code of department responsible for real property asset. If it is a general university asset (e.g., not related to an auxiliary enterprise or service department), use code "999002"

Responsible Location Code:

Enter related level two location code

Grant Code:

Primary grant code

Funding Source Information

(Enter all funding distributions that incurred capital expenditures in the current real property accounting cycle.)

Seq Chart Index Fund Orgn Acct* Prog Actv Locn Proj Amount

*This field is critical because it signifies type of asset (building, Infrastructure, IOTB, Land Improvement).

Capitalization Information
Chart Capitalization Fund:

Enter fund code for specific proprietary fund (auxiliary enterprise fund or service department fund) where the asset should be recorded and depreciated; or to fund 890000 `investment in plant' fund for real property not associated with an auxiliary enterprise or service department.

User Attributes:

For buildings, select appropriate construction code else leave null (blank).

Disposal Code Code:

Refer to Disposal Code validation table.

Disposal Date:

Date of disposal.

Depreciation start Date:

Refer to depreciation start date definition in the OUS fiscal Policy manual

Authorized Signatures:

Institutional authorized signatory.