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01.06 Summary of Changes to Chancellor's Office Business Policies & Procedures FY 2005

10.01 Electronic Information Systems Security and Data Confidentiality Policy

12/22/04 - The policy was approved by General Counsel, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, the Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, and the Director of Enterprise Technology Services.

10.03 Banner Security Classes

12/22/04 - The policy was approved by the Controller.

10.05 Banner and Data Warehouse User Access

12/22/04 - The policy was expanded to include procedures for

  • granting user access to data warehouses
  • changing and terminating user access to banner and data warehouses
  • management reviewing/monitoring

10.07 Banner Approval Queues

12/22/04 - The policy was approved by the Controller.

30.05 Travel Reimbursements

6/21/05 - The Chancellor's Office travel policy related to the Portland exception was changed, with the change being effective 7/1/05.

4/26/05 - The Chancellor's Office Clarification for "lunch reimbursement on one day trips" was modified to include Board Meetings as an example of a relevant mealtime business meeting.

2/17/05 - A policy on implementation date of spring 2005 travel rate changes was added to show the Chancellor's Office implementation date of 3/1/05.

12/29/04 - A second Travel Reimbursement Request form was added to reflect the new mileage reimbursement rate effective 1/1/05. Two forms are now available, depending on the travel date (each calculating the appropriate mileage rate).

11/19/04 - A policy on rented vehicles, providing for when vehicles other than compact or economy may be rented, was added.

Last Updated: 06/21/05