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01.06 Summary of Changes to Chancellor's Office Business Policies & Procedures FY 2006

25.25 Invoices

06/07/06 - A new section, "Late Charges," was added to this policy.

25.55 Accounting for State of Oregon Assessments & CO Cost Recoveries

06/21/06 - Under the "Chancellor's Office Cost Recovery" section, number 2.b., the index and account code number and title were corrected.

02/02/06 - This policy serves to ensure that the payment and distribution of State of Oregon assessments and Chancellor’s Office cost recoveries are recorded in a uniform and consistent manner in the University and Chancellor’s Office accounting records. It was approved by the Controller.

30.10 - Motor Pool Vehicles

06/07/06 - Policy language was cleaned up to be consistent with current practice.

Last Updated: 06/21/06