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01.06 Summary of Changes to Chancellor's Office Business Policies & Procedures FY 2007

25.45 - Personal/Professional Services Contracts

05/04/07 - Language in this policy was updated to be consistent with current practice.

25.60 - Wireless Communication

12/20/06 - This new policy addresses the use of wireless communications, including cell phones and ISP connections, and eliminates the need to track personal and business use of phones. While the policy is effective January 1, 2007, OUS employees have until June 30, 2007, to come into compliance with the policy. This policy has been approved by the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration.

30.05 - Travel Reimbursements

01/31/07 - A Travel Reimbursement Request form was added to reflect the new mileage reimbursement rate effective 2/1/07. Two forms are now available, depending on the travel date (each calculating the appropriate mileage rate).


Last Updated: 05/04/07