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Entering Freshman Profile

The Entering Freshman Profile is sent to all Oregon high schools to provide information about student performance at Oregon University System (OUS) institutions. The profile includes students who graduated from an Oregon public high school and attended an OUS institution as first-time freshmen (FTF) during the subsequent academic year. In addition to traditional data, student performance on high school benchmark state assessments is compared with subsequent performance in the first year of college.

Information on data sources and methodology is available here.

Please notify me by email when the data is released each year.

What's New March 26, 2014
Entering Freshman Profiles for high school graduating class of 2012 have been added. See below for reports for individual high schools, school districts, and the state. Curriculum reports for schools participating in the IDTS electronic transcript system are not yet available.

Please contact ir@ous.edu with questions about these reports.

Entering Freshman Profiles
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Note: An Entering Freshman Profile is only generated for high schools who have at least five students from their graduating class enrolled in an OUS institution.

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Curriculum Transitions
Oregon High Schools

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Note: Curriculum Transition Reports are only available for schools participating in the Integrated Data Transfer System (IDTS). For information on how to get involved, please contact Lisa Mentz at lisa_mentz@ous.edu.