Future Enrollment | Historical Enrollment

Future Enrollment

To help the Oregon University System, Board of Higher Education, legislators, and the Governor address future resource needs and implications for access, enrollment projections are made based on a number of factors:

  • Term-to-term and year-to-year retention rates at OUS campuses
  • Anticipated enrollment increases or decreases from academic program and admissions policy changes
  • Historical patterns of enrollment of transfer and returning students
  • Final fall enrollment
  • Applications and admissions for the upcoming fall term
  • Oregon high school graduates projections which, in turn, are based on K-12 enrollment and demographic data about numbers of Oregon schoolchildren in the "pipeline"
  • Impact of the current and anticipated future economic condition on enrollment.

OUS projections:

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Historical Enrollment

Oregon University System maintains accessible enrollment records going back to 1960. For more detail on the past 5 years’ enrollment, click on the PDF links below:

Enrollment Reports by Campus and System Totals

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