The Oregon University System (OUS) closely tracks performance at our seven universities in order to monitor improvement and examine trends that may affect higher education in the state. These results are communicated to the Board, the Legislature, campuses and the public through a variety of publications.

graduation Eastern Oregon UniversityPerformance measurement is critical for providing reliable information on the performance of Oregon’s public higher education sector. It allows comparisons of individual OUS institutions with their past performance and in some cases, comparisons with the performance of institutions in their approved peer groups. Monitoring performance enables institutions to benchmark their own performance against performance targets and allows for informed policy discussion and development.

OUS currently has three performance reporting formats: 1) Annual Performance Report to the Board; 2) Achievement Compacts with the OEIB; 3) Annual Performance Progress Report with the state as reported to the Department of Administrative Services.

OUS Achievement Compacts with the State

 Under the leadership of Governor Kitzhaber and the Oregon Education Investment Board (OEIB), the OUS in aggregate, each OUS institution and other education sectors have developed Achievement Compacts which detail measurements set to inform and guide the system’s work. The first Achievement Compacts were approved by the State Board of Higher Education, and approved by the OEIB in April, 2012:

State-Level Measures

State-level Measures assigned to OUS are made up of legislatively-approved indicators linked to statewide “Oregon Benchmarks.” These measures are monitored and reported to the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) and the legislature through an Annual Performance Progress Report.

Board-Level Measures

Board-level Measures consist of 15 OUS performance indicators, including three institution-specific indicators, tracked and reported by each OUS campus annually to the State Board of Higher Education. Campuses set targets for five common indicators as well as two mission-specific indicators.

Institution-specific measures are selected by the institutions to highlight strategic initiatives, critical features, and distinct missions of each campus.