The SCARF Data Dictionary is one PDF file. Information about updates are found in Appendix A. Quick links to individual sections are available on the cover page.


Latest SCARF changes

August 13, 2013 <Scarf Submission Schedule>

Submission records table updated. Dual Credit Grade Resubmit added - 7/31.


Fields are no longer nullable.
<ST> CITIZENSHIP Added NN code for TUEQ students. Expanded and clarified definitions.
<ST> RESIDENCY Added clarification for TUEQ and TUEV students.
<ST> SPEC_PGRM Added codes for EOU grandfathered and border policy students, tuition equity students (HB 2787), and previously undocumented codes (STAFF, KAT).
<ST> HS Updated language. Leave NULL for unknown HS. Don’t send GED.
<ST> ADMIT_DECISION Clarified that AU should be used for transfers from a foreign college.
<PC> PRIOR_COLL Added code for unknown OPEID, changed to CHAR field, Don’t send tests or AP.
<FINAID Introduction> Rewritten to clarify what records should be sent.
<FA> TOTAL_FAM_INCOME Added better definition with reference to FISAP.
<FINAID_CAT Introduction> Rewritten to clarify what records should be sent.
<FC> AID_YEAR Clarified how to deal with pre-earned workstudy.
<FC> FAIDCAT Added foster youth tuition waiver. Pointed out changes to nonres vet fee remission.
<SE> XLIST Added examples of when to use.
<SE> PTRM_START_DATE, PTRM_END_DATE Corrected definitions to these fields.
<SE> CAMPUS Updated definition to include reporting dual credit high schools from WA and CA.
<SE> DELIV_MTHD Expanded and clarified the definition of the hybrid delivery method.
<RA> RACE_ETHNIC Changed code for two or more races from XT to T to avoid confusion with legacy multi-ethnic code of X.

Please contact or call 541.346.5827 with any questions related to the SCARF process or data dictionary.