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System Related Reports

Fact Books:

Provide annual and biennial information about the Oregon University System and its institutions, with current information, and reports going back to 1996.  

University Profiles – Fast Facts:

Provides biennial information on OUS institutions’ missions, classifications, accreditations and affiliations, degrees awarded, demographic profiles, enrollment, faculty, revenue sources, tuition and fees, facilities, programs of national distinction, and programs of study.

Degrees Awarded by Institution and System:

2009-2010 | 2008-2009 | 2007-2008 | 2006-2007 | 2005-2006 | 2004-2005 | 2003-2004 | 2002-2003 | 2001-2002 | 2000-2001 

Enrollment Reports by Institution and System: For additional enrollment information, go to Enrollment Watch 

Fall 2011 | Fall 2010 | Fall 2009 | Fall 2008 | Fall 2007 | Fall 2006 | Updates 2007 2nd Week | Fall 2005

Diversity Reports: see Student-Related Reports below.

University Specific Data from OUS Institutions:

OUS Peer Groups

Tuition & Fees

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Student Related Reports

Freshman Profile:

OUS Entering Freshman Profile for Oregon High Schools, a web based report of graduates from Oregon high schools who attended an OUS institution as a first-time freshman (FTF) during the academic year. Various measures including: enrollment; persistence; academic preparation; first year college performance; and Oregon PASS test Results

One Year Later: The Status of Bachelor's Degree Recipients:

Where Have Oregon's Graduates Gone? Survey of the Oregon High School Graduates:

Retention, Attrition, and Graduation:

Diversity Reports:

Student Outcomes:

Transfer Students:

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