Abbott Laboratories, gift to Medical School; 38
Aero Club of Oregon; 23
Agriculture Curriculum; 4
Agriculture Engineering Building; 13
Agricultural Research Foundation, grant to OSC; 112
Agricultural Technical Advisory Service; 53
Alcoa Activity Association; 112
Alcohol reports, signing by Zimmerman; 135
Alumni Holding Company; 131
Amendment of General Building and Dormitory Law; 2
American Cancer Society; 67
American Council on Education; 112
American Institute of Architects, gift to University; 37
American Legion, La Grande Chapter, gift to EOCE; 52
American Legion, Department of Oregon, re orphans of veterans; 111
American Medical Assoc., gift to Medical School; 23
Amortization - Dorm Bond at EOCE; 108
Animal Husbandry Dept., OSC, purchase of equipment; 41

Budgeting of Bankhead-Jones Funds; 91

Apiary Building, Construction at OSC; 30

Committees for 1945-46, (Board); 80
Herman Oliver to State Board of Higher Education; 58

Astoria Clinical Foundation, gift to Medical School; 63
Athletic Board, revised budget estimates at U of O; 86


Baker Elks Lodge #338, Gift to EOCE; 38
Bankhead-Jones funds; 91
Basic Liberal Studies at the University; 3
Basic Science Committee, Appointment of Dr. A. L. Soderwall; 23
Board's Central Reserve, distribution of spec. leg. approp.; 59
Bond, dorm, amortization of at EOCE; 108
Bonneville Power Administration:

Agreement with Oregon State College; 65, 68
Contract; 53

Borden Company Foundation, Gift to OSC; 37
Brown Trust Funds; 92
Budget Additions:

Agriculture extension budget, "Emergency Assistants"; 91
Agriculture Technical Advisor, Service OSC; 53
Athletic Activities increase; 113
Bankhead, Jones, Animal Husbandry OSC; 91
Business Office Adjustment, U of O; 93
Cadet Nurses at EOCE; 40
Dean of Women's Office, U of O.; 9
Dental School Budget; 46
Department of Anatomy; 54
Department of Nursing; 54
Department of Physiology, Medical School; 54
Division of Information; 53
Educational Activities increase; 113
Educational & Athletic Boards, U of O, OSC; 74
Eastern Oregon College of Education to cover remodeling of Guidance Center; 92
Federal Cooperative Extension; 93
General Extension Division; 40
History Department; 39
In-Service Teacher Training; 92
Marine Biology Budget; 53
Mechanical Engineering, Dept. of OSC; 72
Medical School; 54
Memorial Union Budget, OSC; 72
Modern Languages, OSC; 9
Natural History Budget; 71
OSC-Engineering (Mech) General, psychology; 118

Art & Architecture, English; 118

Photographic Service, OSC; 40
Physical Plant Budget, OSC; 40, 70
Physical Plant, U of O. Physical Education; 113
Registrars Office, EOCE; 114
Seafoods Laboratory OSC; 8
School of Architecture, U of O; 71
School of Education, OSC; 39, 74
School of Music, U of O; 71
Special Projects Account; 54
Summer Session budget; 113
U of O Chemistry, Mathematics, History; 115
University of Oregon Testing Bureau; 91
Vestments for OCE; 74
Weinzirl, Dr. A., U of O., Brown Trust Fund; 92

Budgeting of Gift and Sales Income at OSC; 135
Budgeting, Fund for Turkey Units; 135
Building Law; 2
Building Program:

Grange Committee Discussion; 13
Success of Election; 80
Support of Clackamas County School Administration; 51
Support of Oregon State Teachers Assoc.; 36

Bulletin on "Elementary teaching and teacher training"; 8


Cade Nurse Corps budget at EOCE; 24

Addition; 40
Budget; 136
Fee Schedule; 25

Candidates for degrees and diplomas, all institutions; 68
Central Book Purchase Reserve Fund; 68
Centralized Activities:

Distribution of special legislative appropriation; 59
Operating budget; 33

Clackamas County School Administration supports building measure; 51


Additional terminal curricula; 3
Fee Schedule:

Change in; 7
Lower Division; 6
Teacher Education; 6

College Hill Park Property, sale of to Mr. and Mrs. Stringfield; 113
Commencement, board representatives; 36
Committee appointments, Board, 1945-46; 80
Committee changes of Board; 21
Communication from Columbia County Local Veterans Assistant Committee; 133

Civil Service Law; 140
Insurance report; 109
Investment report; 87

Condemnation of house and lot for site for Industrial Bldg. at OSC; 104
Condon Lectureship; 66, 111, 146
Construction of operator's cottage at KOAC; 1
Coos Bay property, sale of to Mr. and Mrs. L. Clausen; 113
Couch parcel at U of O, recommend institution of condemnation proceedings; 84
Counties, Curry, Lane, Douglas, gifts to OSC; 112
Cultural Geography changed to Historical Geography; 4
Curricula, for Naval ROTC, at OSC; 88
Curricular adjustments 1945-46; 3


Dairy Testing budget; 25
Dean of Women's Office, addition to budget; 25
Degrees and Diplomas, candidates approved for OCE; 91
Delayed opening of schools; 60, 133
Dental School budget; 46

Transfer in accounts; 92
Partial Comptroller wage; 135

Desk remodeling in Chemistry Laboratory, OSC; 9
Devers Estate Trust, cancellation of note; 35
Disease, Dr. V. Bush's report to U.S. president; 89
Division of Information, addition to budget; 53
Doernbecher Memorial Hospital:

Replacement of hot water tank; 40
Revamping underground utility system; 106
Transfer in budget; 70

Dorian hall, additions to preliminary plans; 104
Dormitory building bonds at EOCE:

Approval of resolution; 18
Funds; 16
Refinancing of; 16
Resolutions regarding; 16


Acquiring property for U of O Women's Dormitory site; 83
Financing of Men's and Women's Dorm at OSC; 45
Funds used for emergency housing OSC; 85
Women's dorm at EOCE, preliminary plans; 104

Dormitory Law; 2
Dormitory rates for 1945-46; 7
Drum, Garrett & Acheson properties for University dormitory; 84



Amortization of dormitory bond; 108
Cadet nurses; 40
Cadet Nurse Corps budget; 24
Gifts; 6, 23, 38, 52, 68, 112
Radio Electric Service and Management; 33
Remodeling for Veterans Guidance Center; 92
Women's Dormitory; 104

Eastwood parcel at U of O, recommend condemnation proceedings; 84
Eddy Bakery, gift to EOCE; 38
Educational Activities:

Addition to fees budget; 69
Revised budget estimate, OSC, U of O; 86

Election of Harry K. Newburn; 5
Election of officers for 1945-46; 67
Elementary teaching and teacher training bulletin; 8
Elks Lodge, La Grande, gift to EOCE; 52

Assistants, emergency account; 91
Curricular proposals ROTC; 88
Housing, special equipment; 85;

Endowment funds investment of; 109
Engineering equipment survey; 132
Enrollment, Colleges of Education; 66

Animal Husbandry Dept., OSC: 41
X-ray unit for Dental School; 136

ESMWT program discontinued at OSC; 41
Eugene Quota Club gift to U of O; 112


Farm workers, prefab. houses for OSC; 86
Federal Cooperative Extension:

Operating budget; 34
Staff reorganization; 68

Federal Works Agency; 15, 71
Fee Schedule:

1945-46; 6
Amendments; 62
Special post-graduate courses at Medical School; 114

Fellowship, Research - established in Forest Products Chem.; 101
Fennel, Keith, lot - U of O purchase of; 84;
FHA housing units at EOCE; 105
Field Laboratory at Yaquina Bay; 23
Financing Dorm at OSC; 131
Financing of research at OSC and U of O; 22
Flight training program at OSC; 128
Food Industries Building; 13
Forest products chemistry - establish of research fellowship; 101
Forestry Research Foundation; 22, 65
Fraternal Order of Eagles - gift to EOCE; 23
Furniture - purchase of for OSC Women's bldg.; 114


General building and dormitory law; 2
General Extension Division:

Budget addition; 40
Distribution of special legislative appropriation; 59
Fees; 7
Operating budget, 1945-46; 34

General Research operating budget; 34
Gerlinger Hall, remodeling of at U of O; 106


Baker Elks Lodge; 38
F. H. Bingaman; 38
Lynn A. Bohnenkamp; 38
C. E. Branner; 23
California-Pacific Utilities Company; 52
Eddy Bakery; 38
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Berry; 23
Enterprise Lions Club; 52
EOCE Alumni Association; 52
Fraternal Order of Eagles; 23
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Franklin; 38
R. E. Gerards; 38
Dr. C. L. Gilstrap; 68
Glass Drug Company; 23
M. J. Goss; 38
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Green; 23
Thomas E. Griffith; 68
Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Hess; 38
Henry Hess; 38
A. H. Labbe; 38
La Grande American Legion; 52
La Grande Elks Lodge; 52
La Grande Lions Club; 38
La Grande Masonic Lodge; 52
La Grande Neighborhood Club; 6
La Grande Rotary Club; 23
Loree Building Service; 38
Mr. & Mrs. H. C. McCarthy; 38
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde H. McKenzie; 52
Dr. E. C. Miller; 68
Mt. Emily Lumber Company; 38
Parent-Teachers Association; 52
W. C. and F. C. Perkins; 23
R. L. Pierce; 23
Pioneer Flouring Mills; 38
Frank L. Ralston; 38
Dr. A. L. Richardson; 52
Mr. and Mrs. Harley Richardson; 112
Snodgrass Funeral Home; 38
Soroptomist Club; 38, 52
Mr. and Mrs. George Tiss; 38
Union Masonic Lodge; 52
Mrs. Della Wagner; 38
Thelma P. Walker; 38
S. H. Weimer; 38
Wan Petten Lumber Company; 38

Extension Division:

American Council on Education; 112

Medical School:

Abbott Laboratories; 38
Aero Club of Oregon, Inc.; 23
Aloca Activity Assn.; 112
American Cancer Society; 67
American Medical Association; 23
Anonymous donor; 52
J. W. Copeland; 6
Council of Jewish Women; 52
Leo J. French Estate; 112
Girl Scout Council; 67
Dr. Morton J. Goodman; 37
Ella Holly estate; 91
Jackson County Chapter of Nat'l. Foundation for Inf. Paralysis; 67
W. K. Kellogg Foundation; 67
David P. Mathews Estate; 67
Oregon Federation of Women's Clubs; 37
Carl O. Peterson; 6
Quartermaster Dept. Army Service Forces; 91
Rockerfeller Foundation; 67
J. W. Stacey, Inc.; 23
State Board of Health; 46
Mrs. Rachel Van Zante; 6
Veterans Guard and Patrol Co. #2; 6
Annie Wagner; 38
Dr. and Mrs. John E. Weeks; 112


Agricultural Research Foundation; 91, 112
Anonymous donor; 51
Borden Company Foundation; 37
Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation; 135
Curry County; 112
Douglas County; 112
Lane County; 112
Lillian Frances Jenson Memorial Fund; 6
National Science Fund; 135
Nutrition Foundation; 37
Ella Sachs Plotz Foundation; 67
Portland and Salem Mothers Clubs; 37
Refrigeration Research Foundation of Chicago; 91
Research Corporation of NYC; 135
Sears-Roebuck Foundation; 23
W. J. Sweet; 112
War Department; 90
Stephen N. Wyckof; 37


American Academy of Arts & Sciences; 90
American Institute of Architects; 37
Burt Brown Barker; 22, 134
Robert A. Booth estate; 90
Lt. Nola Boyd; 90
Mary C. Brockelbank; 134
Class of 1945; 90
A. M. Collier; 134
Dr. and Mrs. J. Lawrence Erb; 90
Eugene Quota Club; 112
John G. Foster; 5, 134
Gamma Phi Beta Mothers Club; 67
Mrs. George Giustina; 134
Chancellor and Mrs. Frederick M. Hunter; 37
McDonald Theatre; 6
Medo-Land Creamery; 22
Oregon Federation of Women's Clubs; 112
Portland Rose Festival Association; 134
Loyall R. Rugh; 6
E. G. Sammons; 51
Skeie's Jewelery; 5
Warren D. Smith; 51
State Association of U of O Women; 112
T. N. Taylor; 22
United Airlines of Seattle; 67
U of O Mothers Association; 51
Paul Van de Velde; 51
Gertrude Bass Warner; 22, 51
Carl G. Washburne; 134
R. J. Wetle; 51
Women's Choral Club; 112

All Institutions:

Harry L. and David H. Holmes; 52

Girl Scout Council - gift to Doernbecher Hospital; 67
Glass Drug Company, gift to EOCE; 23
Grace property, purchase of; 32
Grange Committee; 13
Gym suit service at U of O, addition to budget; 25
Gym suit service at OSC, clothing replacement; 39


Hager property, for U of O dormitory; 84
Hall ranch; 70
Heilig Theatre Building; 24
Hendricks Hall, remodeling basement rooms, U of O; 106
High School testing programs; 21
History Department budget addition, OSC; 39
Hood River Branch Experiment Station, transfer in budget; 39
Hot water tank replacement at Doernbecher Memorial Hospital; 40
Housing at U of O:

Emergency Housing Projects; 130
For married students or faculty; 83
For married veterans:

Board disapproved plan; 47
Prefab. houses from Richland, Washington; 82, 110
Recommendation for 25 units; 31
Resolution; 32
Skinner Butte project; 105

Remodeling Gerlinger and Villard Halls; 106
Remodeling Physical Education Building and Girls dorms; 106
Emergency housing projects; 130
Emergency housing, women, Memorial Union and Women's Building, funds for; 85
Prefab. for farm workers; 86
Prefab. houses from Richland, Washington; 82, 110


Ind. Arts and Ind. Education Dept., established secretarial position; 73
Industrial Building OSC:

Condemnation of house and lot for site of; 104
Preliminary plans; 103
Purchase of property for; 84

Insurance, Comptroller's report on; 109
Institute of Marine Biology, campus improvements; 58
Inter-American Affairs grant; 8, 74
Interim Tax Study Commission, meeting with; 111
Interinstitutional Curriculum Committee; 3, 4

Comptroller's report; 87
Endowment funds; 109

Ion Lewis property:

Sale of; 73
Sale of adjoining lots; 73


Jewis Women, Council of, gift to Medical School; 52
Jones and March:

Appointed architects for Industrial Building at OSC; 49
Appointed architects for Naval Building at OSC; 85



Construction of Operator's Cottage; 1
Employment of Attorney; 128

Kellogg Foundation grant; 66, 67, 74
Kincaid Addition, U of O, purchase of Fennel lot; 84
Klamath County Chamber of Commerce, tribute to Mac Hoke; 65


La Grande Neighborhood Club, gift of EOCE; 6
Land Architecture Budget; 24
Lanham Grant, Nursery Annex at OSC; 71
Lectures for post-graduate refresher courses; 136
Librarian of OSC, appointment of; 5
Library books, reserve fund for; 107
Lions Club:

La Grande, gift to EOCE; 38
Enterprise, gift to EOCE; 52

Loan funds at OCE, readjustment; 25
Loree Building Service, gift to EOCE; 38


Marine Biology, addition to budget; 53
Masonic Lodge:

Union, gift to EOCE; 52
La Grande, gift to EOCE; 52

McDonald Theatre, gift to U of O; 6
McElfresh property; 2
Mechanical Engineering, Dept. of, OSC, budget addition; 8
Medical and Dental Assistants; 4

Approval of courses; 32

Medical School:

Addition to Outpatient Clinic Budget; 70
Board representation at commencement; 36
Budget adjustments; 54, 92
Establishment of Resident Physician positions; 140
Fee schedule for nursing students; 7
Fee schedule for special post-graduate courses; 63
Fee schedule for veteran's special courses; 114
Gift from Astoria Clinical Studies Foundation; 63
Grant from Kellogg Foundation; 66, 74
Operating budget, 1945-46; 34
Purchase of Grace property; 32
Replace hot water tank; 93
Reorganization of Nurses' training program; 3, 4
Roof and pipe replacement; 106
Special legislative equipment appropriation; 59
Special session in Department of Nursing; 25
Transfers in budgets; 69
Transfer to avoid overdrafts in accounts; 70
Medical to avoid overdraft in accounts; 70

Medo-Land Creamery, gift to U of O; 22
Memorializing the late Dr. Churchill, resolution; 20
Memorial Union:

Budget addition at OSC; 72
Funds for emergency housing in; 85

Merchandising; 4

Approval of courses; 32

Monmouth School District, salary increase for Earnest A. Read; 113
Mt. Emily Lumber Company, gift to EOCE; 38


National Security, Dr. V. Bush's report to U.S. President; 89
National Housing Agency

Housing units at EOCE; 105
U of O and OSC (Richland Houses); 110

Naval ROTC at OSC:

Building for; 85, 130
Emergency curricula; 88

Nursery School at OSC; 15

Rejection of application for federal aid; 50
Nursery School report of special committee; 87

Nursing education budget, new position; 9
National Architectural Accrediting Board, U of O placed on list; 50
North Pacific Dental College; 46

Dr. Miller made Dean Emeritus; 46
Dr. Starr appointed Acting Dean; 46

Nursing Education Division, finance special three months course; 39
Nurses training program, reorganization; 3, 4

Fee schedules; 7

Nursing, Department of, adjustment in salaries; 54
Nutrition Foundation, gift to OSC; 37
NYA Skinner Butte Housing project, for veterans at U of O; 105


Operating budget, 1945-46; 33
Oregon Tax Study Commission communication; 89


Amendment to fee schedule; 62
Approval of candidates for degrees and diplomas; 91
Board representation at Commencement; 36, 65
Distribution of special legislative equipment appropriation; 59
Dormitory rates; 8
Operating budget, 1945-46; 34
Readjustment in handling of loan funds; 25
Student activity budget; 87

Oregon Federation of Women's Clubs:

Gift to Medical School; 37
Gift to U of O; 112

Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association, resolution re Journalism bldg.; 66


Advise for pre-nursing students from Med. Sch. Staff member; 9
Agreement with Bonneville Power Administration; 65
Amendment to fee schedule; 62
Apiary building construction; 30
Architect for Industrial Building; 49
Board representation at Commencement; 36
Board and room rates, no changes; 7
Classification center for veterans; 74
Cultural Geography change to Historical Geography; 4
Emergency Housing for women; 85
Engineering; 3
ESMWT discontinued at OSC; 51
Fee schedule, no change; 6
Final payment on Hall Ranch; 70
Financing men's and women's dorm; 45
Financing of research; 22
Flight training program; 128
Funds for nursery school; 15
Home economics; 3
Housing for farm workers, OSC; 86
Housing for married veterans, prefab. houses from from Richland, Washington; 110
Lanham Grant for nursery; 71
Laval ROTC building; 85
Operating budget, 1945-46; 34
Pavilion; 3
Plans for men's and women's dorm; 48
Purchase of additional quarters for nursery school; 61
Purchase of furniture for women's building; 114
Purchase of McElfresh and Rondeau Property; 2
Remodeling of desks in Organic Chemistry Laboratory; 9
Revised budgets, educational and athletic boards; 86
Salary addition for president of; 109
Special legislative equipment appropriation; 59
Transfer in Music Department; 70
Transfer in Physics Plant budget; 70

Oregon State Teacher's Assoc., support special election; 36
Orphans of war veterans, scholarship awards; 36, 111


Parent-Teachers Association, Condon, gift to EOCE; 52
Park Terrace Property:

Restrictions cleared up; 49
Resolution; 49

Pavilion at Oregon State College; 3
Peake, Eleanor, bequest; 19
Photographic Service Dept., budget addition at OSC; 40
Physical education:

Remodeling of building at U of O; 106
Remodeling of building at U of O for veterans center; 113

Physical Plant, addition to budget at OSC; 40
Physical Plant, U of O:

Improvements; 48
Employees wage increase; 35

Pioneer Flouring Mills, gift to EOCE; 38

Preliminary for Industrial Bldg. at OSC; 103
Preliminary for EOCE Women's Dorm; 104

Portland Mothers Club, gift to OSC; 37
Prefabricated houses for U of O and OSC:

For University married students or faculty; 83
From Richland, Washington for married veterans; 82, 110
OSC farm workers; 86

President, U.S., Dr. V. Bush's report to; 89

Salary additions in lieu of expenses; 109
SOCE appointment - resignation; 111
U of O residence, repair and alteration; 31

Professorship exchange between U of O and U of N. Carolina; 51
Property, acquiring for U of O women's dormitory; 83
Public welfare, Dr. V. Bush's report to U. S. President; 89



Radio Electric Service and Management at EOCE and SOCE; 33, 54
Radio Servicing and Repair; 4
Reimbursement for travel in personal cars, OSC; 19

Gerlinger & Villard Hall, U of O; 106
PE Building, U of O, for veterans center; 113

Research fellowship in Forest Products Chemistry; 101
Reserve fund for library books; 107

Call and redemption of EOCE dormitory bond; 108
Legion re Armistice Day; 133
Memorializing the late Mac Hoke; 64
Memorializing the late W. A. Jensen; 127

Retirement of R. W. Ruhl; 20
Richland, Washington, prefabricated houses:

For U of O and OSC married veterans; 82
Availability of; 110

Rockerfeller Foundation, grant for research project on hearing; 67
Rondeau property; 2
Rotary Club, La Grande, scholarship at EOCE; 23
ROTC, Naval, OSC:

Building for; 85
Emergency curricula; 88


Salary additions, presidents of major institutions; 109
Sale of Property:

Yamhill County; 25
Timberline near Eugene; 74

Salem Mothers Club, gift to OSC; 37
Scholarships to orphans of war veterans; 36, 111
School of Architecture, budget addition, U of O; 39
School of Education, budget addition, U of O; 39
Sears-Roebuck Foundation, gift to OSC; 23
Seed Testing Laboratory, addition to budget; 24
Sherry Ross Hall; 19
Skeie's Jewelery Store, gift to University; 5
Skinner Butte Housing project, veterans at U of O; 105
Snodgrass Funeral Home; 38
Sloan Foundation grant; 52
Soroptomist Club, gift to EOCE; 38, 52


Amendment to fee schedule; 62
Approval of constructive accounting addition to curricula; 88
Board representation at Commencement; 36
Distribution of special legislative appropriation; 59
Operating budget, 1945-46; 34
Medical and Dental Assistants curriculum; 4, 32
Merchandising; 4, 43
Radio Electric Service and Management; 33
Resignation and appointment of president; 111
Student activities budget; 87

Special equipment from dormitory funds for emergency housing, OSC; 85
Special legislative equipment appropriation; 59
Stacey, J. W., Inc., gift to Medical School; 23
State Association of U of O Women, scholarship gift; 112
Summer session budget, 1945-46, increase in; 113
Summer session fees, no change; 7
Susan Campbell Hall, remodeling of basement rooms of, U of O; 106


Tax Study Commission, Oregon, communication from; 89
Testing Bureau, budget, U of O; 39, 91
Trailer houses; 133
Transcript costs, EOCE; 114
Transfer of funds, Medical School; 146


Union Building at U of O; 3

Property purchase for site; 41

University addition, Block 6, for Women's Dorm at U of O; 83


Acquiring property for Women's Dormitory site; 83
Addition to English Department budget; 140
Addition to fees budget of Educational Activities Department; 69
Addition to Health Service; 136
Addition to heat and gas budget; 69
Addition to Watchman and Police wage budget; 140
Advice for pre-nursing students from Medical School staff member; 9
Amendment to fee schedule; 62
Basic liberal studies in New curriculum; 3, 4
Beneficiary of Dr. Schmidt's life insurance; 66
Board representation at Commencement; 36
Board and room rates, no change; 7
Business Office adjustments; 93
Catalog reprinting; 136
Distribution of legislative equipment appropriation; 59
Dormitory program; 61
Election of new president; 5
Est. of clerical position in Registrar's Office; 139
Fee schedule, no change; 6
Financing of research; 22
Housing of Married veterans; 31, 47, 82
Housing problem - Richland houses; 110
Housing - remodeling Villard and Gerlinger halls and PE building and women's dorm; 106
Operating budget, 1945-46; 34
Physical plant employees wage increase; 35
Physical plant improvements; 48
Prefab. houses for married students and faculty; 83
President's residence repaired and altered; 31
Presidential canvass; 54
Professorship exchange with U of North Carolina; 51
Remodeling of Villard Hall; 48
Revised budget estimate of Athletics and Educational Act. Boards; 86
Salary increase for president of; 109
Sale of property; 113
School of Architecture and Allied Arts accredited; 50
Skinner Butte housing project; 105
Testing Bureau budget; 91
Union Building at U of O; 3

University of Oregon Mothers Association, gift to U of O; 51
University Training School, increases in salary; 53



Administration Guidance Center; 39
Budget for U of O Testing Bureau; 91
Classification center at OSC; 74
Guidance Center, EOCE, remodeling for; 92
Guidance Center, U of O Testing Bureau; 113
Housing at EOCE; 105
Housing for married veterans at U of O; 47
Housing for married veterans at U of O and OSC, prefab. houses; 82
Housing at Skinner Butte, U of O; 105
Refresher course at Medical School; 63
Report on education of; 89
Residency program at Medical School; 63
Scholarships for orphans of; 36, 111

Veterans charged fees; 47, 114
Veterans Guard and Patrol, Co. #2, gift to Medical School; 6
Villard Hall renovation; 48

Remodeling of; 106


Washington, D. C., Dr. Byrne's trip to; 110
Widmer, Margaret, bequest, sale of property; 35
Woodward, Mary Jane Ross, trust; 18
Women's Choral Club, to U of O; 112
Women's Dormitory:

Acquiring property for dormitory site, U of O; 83
Preliminary plans for EOCE; 104
Bids on dorms at OSC; 129

Women's Building, OSC:

Funds for emergency housing in; 85
Purchase of furniture for; 114




Zoology Department at OSC, reorganization of; 9