Joint Boards Articulation Commission

Meeting Summary Notes
October 6, 1998
OIT Metro,
Portland, Oregon

Members Present

Martha Anne Dow, Oregon Institute of Technology, Chair
Jim Arnold, Oregon University System
Roy Arnold, Oregon State University
Jim Buch, University of Oregon (via phone)
Jon Carnahan, Linn-Benton Community College (via phone)
Judy Patterson, Oregon Department of Education
Dave Phillips, Clatsop Community College
Mark Wahlers, Concordia College
Elaine Yandle-Roth, Office of Community College Services


Tamara Dykeman, Oregon Community College Association

Martha Anne Dow called the meeting to order at 10:10 a.m.

1. Introductions and Announcements

Dow introduce Roy Arnold as the newest JBAC member, representing the OUS provosts.

2. Minutes of September 10, 1998

The minutes of the September 10, 1998, meeting were approved.

3. Draft Version of the 1997-98 JBAC Annual Report

Elaine Yandle-Roth distributed the latest draft of the JBAC Annual Report. This version had been slightly edited from the draft distributed in September, but with no content changes. The report still needs page numbers and additions to the Appendix (Student Services Action Team report, the Joint Boards Articulation Agreement revision, and the revised JBAC Workplan). The Joint Boards will be asked to approve the report, along with the Workplan, the Articulation Agreement, and the change in the AA/OT to accommodate the 12 professional-technical credits.

A motion was made and seconded to accept this draft as the annual report. The motion carried unanimously. This report will be presented by Dow at the November 20 Joint Boards meeting.

4. JBAC Workplan and Role of the Student Transfer Committee

Jim Arnold distributed the latest version of the 1998-99 JBAC Workplan. Only minor changes were made from the last draft, consistent with the suggestions from the September meeting. Arnold noted one item that was added was: "Assign to the Student Transfer Committee (STC) special tasks and assignments, as they arise, related specifically to transfer student issues." This led to a discussion of the structure and role of the STC for the coming year.

Dave Phillips volunteered to continue on as chair of the STC. The STC is comprised of JBAC, as well as several non-JBAC members -- having a balance between OUS and community college represented on the committee. The current structure of the STC is:

Dave Phillips, Chair
Vice President of Instructional Services
Clatsop Community College

Jim Arnold
Director of Community College Articulation
Oregon University System

Mary Brau
Coordinator of Student Outcomes Assessment and Curriculum Development
Curriculum and Scheduling/Research and Planning
Lane Community College

James Buch
Associate Vice President for Student Academic Affairs
University of Oregon

Roderic Diman
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Portland State University

Pat Loughary
Dean of Student Services
Blue Mountain Community College

Mike Morgan
Dean of Campus-Based Instruction
Chemeketa Community College

Beth Murphy
Oregon Institute of Technology

Pat North
Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs
Eastern Oregon University

Johnnie Stokes
Mt. Hood Community College

Glenda Tepper
Linn-Benton Community College

Elaine Yandle-Roth
Education Reform Team Leader
Office of Community College Services

Phillips, Buch, and Loughary are JBAC members also sitting on the STC. Membership of the STC is determined by the JBAC and the agenda for the November JBAC meeting should include a discussion of the current STC membership. Should the STC have a K-12 representative? Judy Patterson agreed to have a recommendation in this area by the November meeting.

Any action items for the STC? Phillips suggested that an item left over from last year's work was the possible development of an Associate of Science transfer degree. This topic merits more exploration, perhaps starting with the development of some "guiding principles." We should see if this is a desirable direction, if a significant population would be served, what the level of interest in this degree is, and how to proceed.

Agreement was reached that, for the next JBAC meeting, STC membership and possible assignments would be discussed.

Returning to the workplan discussion:

A motion was made and seconded that the 1998-99 JBAC Workplan be approved as submitted. The motion carried unanimously.

5. Plan for Course and Credit Transfer (draft)

J. Arnold distributed a draft of the plan for course and credit transfer -- a start on the document outlined at the last meeting. Comments made on the draft included:

The future plans section may include:

Can we furnish a "Q & A" about course transfer to Tamara Dykeman for her use with legislators? (e.g, "what transfers?" "what does not?" and "why")

Dow indicated that she will attend the Academic Council meeting in October and discuss the work of the JBAC and the Student Services Action Team. She indicated that she would try to emphasize the need for progress on the issue of "good academic standing" and a possible transfer student admission Grade Point Average of 2.0.

On the matter of further discussion of the Student Services Action Team recommendations, both the Academic Council and the Council of Instructional Administrators will be addressing these issues in upcoming meetings.

6. OUS Course-Equivalency Information System

J. Arnold distributed a draft briefing paper describing OUS' vision and efforts to secure funding in order to implement a systemwide course-equivalency information system. Comments on the draft document were invited.

7. Adjourn

The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 p.m. The next meeting will be on November 4, 1998, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at OIT Metro.

Prepared by Jim Arnold
OUS Academic Affairs
October 20, 1998