Joint Boards Articulation Commission

Conference Call Summary Notes
November 13, 1997

Members Present

Jon Carnahan, Chair, Linn-Benton Community College
Janine Allen, Portland State University
Jim Arnold, OSSHE Academic Affairs
Jim Buch, University of Oregon
Patsy Chester, Linn-Benton Community College
Martha Anne Dow, Oregon Institute of Technology
Pat Loughary, Blue Mountain Community College
Dave Phillips, Clatsop Community College
Elaine Yandle-Roth, Office of Community College Services
Betty Youngblood, Western Oregon University

Chair Jon Carnahan called the meeting to order after a delay for technical difficulties.

1. Meeting Summary Notes of October 9, 1997

The meeting summary notes were approved with a correction to reflect Elaine Yandle-Roth rather than Dave Phillips reporting to the joint OSSHE provost and community college Chief Academic Officer meeting.

2. Action Teams Responsibilities and Membership

·         Early Options. Distance education is a new element in serving the high school-aged student and information from those activities need to be added to the data which is presented in the final report. Janine Allen noted that the PSU efforts with Grant and Westview High Schools, delivering the Freshman Inquiry instruction at the high school, should also be included. Holly Zanville and Elaine Yandle-Roth will co-chair this effort.

·         Professional-Technical Numbering. This effort should go beyond numbering to address articulation of degrees. A progress report is due to the JBAC at the February meeting. The Transfer Committee will serve as the Action Team. Membership is posted on the web site. They anticipate their first meeting the second or third week in January.

·         Data and Information Tracking. This team will be pulled together after the first of January 1998. No changes were suggested.

·         Creating Seamless Student Services. Dana Young from Blue Mountain Community College and Rob (financial aid) from Eastern Oregon University were suggested as additions to the committee. Kay Davis at Clackamas Community College should be contacted about a community college financial aid representative. Membership representing the two dual admissions pilots was discussed. It was suggested that it would be helpful for networking purposes to bring in staff working on the issues to one meeting to advise the group but that ongoing participation might not be necessary.

·         Implications of Proficiency-based Education. Patsy Chester noted that Dave Conley has the community college names but is still working on identifying other members. Elaine Yandle-Roth will follow-up with Dave Conley.

·         Review of Joint Boards Articulation Agreement. No changes were made to this action item.

·         Jim Arnold was asked to put the charge and membership of each group on the JBAC Web site when done.

4. Articulation Hotline List

Helen Garrett from the University of Oregon is updating the Articulation Hotline list. She expects to send a formal request to colleges to review and make changes to the information within the next week.

5. Listserv

Jim Arnold noted that the JBAC members had been signed up for a listserv to discuss articulation and transfer issues.

6. Central Oregon Community College Proposal for Competency-based AA-OT Degree

The Central Oregon Community College Proposal for Competency-based AA-OT Degree was introduced. Elaine Yandle-Roth expects to have materials from COCC in time to send them to members ahead of the meeting.

7. Congratulations

Congratulations were extended to Martha Anne Dow on her appointment as interim president of the Oregon Institute of Technology.

Prepared by Elaine Yandle-Roth
Office of Community College Services

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