Joint Boards Articulation Commission

Meeting Summary Notes
February 14, 2001
Chemeketa Community College
Salem, Oregon

Members Present

Phil Creighton, Chair, Eastern Oregon University
Jim Arnold, Oregon University System
Craig Bell, Portland Community College
Ron Dexter, Department of Education
Liz Goulard, Chemeketa Community College
Rick Levine, Rogue Community College (via phone)
Dave Phillips, Clatsop Community College (via phone)
Mary Kathryn Tetreault, Portland State University (via phone)
Mark Wahlers, Concordia University (via phone)
Elaine Yandle-Roth, Community Colleges and Workforce Development

Guest Present
Marj Enneking, Portland State University


Phil Creighton called the meeting to order at 10:08 a.m.

1. Announcements

Arnold provided explanations for the supplementary materials mailed out in the JBAC packet, including: a new version of the transfer data report (which has a revised Table 16 on page 15 of the report); an updated version of the OUS general education requirements comparison chart (also available at; and the draft version of the agenda for the upcoming meeting of the Student Transfer Committee on February 22, 2001.

2. Minutes of the January 17, 2001, Meeting

The minutes of the January 2001 meeting were approved as submitted.

3. Credit for Prior Learning Recommendations: Academic Council Report

Tetreault reported that the latest JBAC language for the Credit for Prior Learning recommendations will be considered by the OUS Academic Council tomorrow (February 15, 2001), as the topic was deferred from the Council's December 2000 meeting. Tetreault and Arnold will report back to JBAC next month on the outcome of that discussion.

4. Credit for Prior Learning Recommendations and AS/OT: CIA Report

Phillips reported that the latest language for the Credit for Prior Learning recommendations is acceptable to the community colleges, having been discussed recently by the Council of Instructional Administrators (CIA).

Phillips also reported that he also informed the CIA of the continuing interest in an AS/Oregon Transfer degree, which emerged in the discussions of the transfer degree at the December OUS-CC conference. This topic is a major item on the agenda for the upcoming meeting of the Student Transfer Committee (STC). In preparation for this discussion, recent documents from Washington state about their new AS transfer degree have been shared, the OUS general education requirements comparison chart has been updated, and a matrix of lower-division requirements for OUS business programs is being developed. The STC will examine the possibility of an AS transfer degree for business students first, then, perhaps, for other disciplinary fields (e.g., engineering, sciences, etc.).

Cautions and comments offered by JBAC members included:

5. Transfer and Articulation Issues: Report from OUS-CC Fall Conference

This item continues the discussion of transfer and articulation issues originating from the OUS-CC Fall Conference. Previously we have heard from Phillips, Yandle-Roth, and Jim Buch, all of whom led group discussions at the conference. Today, Marj Enneking, Professor of Mathematics at Portland State University, reports. She led discussions on the topic of "pre-education advising." Enneking addressed the following topics from those sessions:

The recommendations for consideration by JBAC included:

Specific recommendations for campuses included:

Creighton suggested that the recommendations above should be considered seriously for inclusion in the JBAC workplan. Dexter expressed appreciation for Enneking's work in this area. He noted that the latest CAM design incorporates a career interest designation.

6. Early Options Update

A group led by Sen. Gordly met on February 2, 2001, to discuss the latest AOI bills regarding early options. The Board of Education will discuss the topic again tomorrow (February 15). Dexter reported that further research on the impact of the early options program in Minnesota showed the loss to public schools in that state was about $17.5 million.

Some legislators appear to be interested in an early options program in Oregon under the impression that it could be of benefit in addressing the school dropout problem. Information from Minnesota, however, indicates that primarily the top one-third academically were served.

More information about progress in this area will be available after the next meeting hosted by Sen. Gordly on February 23, 2001.

7. Report from Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

Arnold distributed a memo he prepared for Vice Chancellor Shirley Clark on his recent visit with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Arnold indicated that the questions posed by the Texas group focused on the areas of:

8. JBAC Workplan for 2000-2001: Reports from Committees

Levine indicated that he needs to consult with/convene his subcommittee before reporting out any progress. Arnold indicated that he believes the goal of "demonstrating improved and more effective communication between and among sectors" is being achieved, given the discussions recently stemming from the OUS-CC fall conference.

9. Date and Location of June 2001 Meeting

Creighton, Yandle-Roth, and Arnold will get together to propose the date and location for the June 2001 meeting (now tentatively scheduled for June 13th, location TBA).

8. Adjournment and Next Meeting

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m. The details of the next meeting are as follows:

Wednesday, March 14, 2001
10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
OIT Metro, Room 139



Prepared by Jim Arnold
OUS Academic Affairs
February 21, 2001