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Joint Boards Articulation Commission

Meeting Summary Notes for May 18, 2004

Conference Call 

Members Present:
Dave Phillips, Clatsop Community College, Chair
Jim Arnold, Oregon University System
Agnes Hoffman, Portland State University
Craig Kolins, Portland Community College
Karen Sprague, University of Oregon
Glenda Tepper, Clackamas Community College
Ed Watson, Linn-Benton community College
Elaine Yandle-Roth, Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development

Dave Phillips called the meeting to order at 1:04 p.m.

1. Announcements, reminders or introductions

There were none.

2. Meeting Notes for April 14, 2004

The notes were accepted as distributed.

3. Board of Higher Education Update & Other Staffing Changes 

A discussion of the reorganization of the Board of Higher Education and Chancellor’s Office at the Council of Instructional Administrations (CIA) on Friday May 14 was reviewed. Letters are being written and CIA Chair/JBAC Chair Dave Phillips said Oregon Board of Higher Education member Gretchen Schuette advised they be sent to each member of the Board of Higher Education through the Chancellor’s Office with copy to Jon Yunker. Jim Arnold was asked to send names of board members to Dave. Dave said he had talked to incoming CIA chair, Cheryl Falk about CIA’s concern that much good work has transpired in the last 14 years and it is unclear to CIA what plans, if any, there are to continue that work. CIA was especially concerned about the liaison and coordination efforts. CIA suggested two focus areas out of the seven initiatives proposed by the Oregon Board of Higher Education’s Excellence in Delivery and Productivity Committee (More/Better/Faster) chaired by Gretchen Schuette: the general education core and articulation items. 

Karen Sprague said the May 18th draft letter from the CIA was excellent but thought if it were a JBAC letter we would need to state more specifically that we are seeking clarification on the future role of JBAC. We should also voice concern that in #3 and #4 of the EDP committee initiatives the words “general education” are gone. Dave said he has talked with Gretchen, Cam, and Connie about the importance or keeping general education in the wording. Gretchen has appointed four people to meet with her to help with the implementation of this. Those appointed are Elizabeth Goulard (Chemeketa), Dave Phillips (Clatsop), Mary Kay Tetrault (PSU), and Earl Potter (SOU).

Agnes Hoffman announced the resignation of former JBAC chair Mary Kay Tetreault as Provost at Portland State University as well as Jay Kenton, Vice President for Finance and Administration for PSU. Mary Kay resigned from the provost position but will stay on faculty while taking a year sabbatical to finish her book. Agnes voiced concern that Mary Kay would not be able to serve on the committee and hoped that she would be replaced on the task force by another PSU representative because transfer is so important to PSU. She recommended Terry Rhodes, the current Vice Provost. Other JBAC members concurred and Elaine volunteered to provide that recommendation to Connie Green, one of the staff for President Schuette’s committee.

Student Transfer Committee (STC) proposal

Glenda commended the STC’s general education core work and their effort to respond quickly with a product that was different than originally envisioned, saying she was proud of the work they did.

Craig Kolins reported on the community college Council of Student Services Administrator’s (CSSA) discussion. 

Karen voiced support for emphasis on student data initiatives.

Dave said he had been surprised at the reaction he got from some members of the CIA on the 5-10-04 STC draft. What he learned was that there are a few colleges concerned with doing anything that might encourage student transfer before completion of an AA-OT degree. Dave said he referenced Jim’s research showing that they already transfer and that we need to look for ways to enhance what they are doing. There was general agreement among CIA members that long term, we need general education to be based on outcomes but he stressed we also need an intermediate step or we may not like the mandate that comes down. The proposal is based on what colleges currently list as satisfying requirements (courses). Other reactions he received were that the timeline is too short, we need more intensive faculty discussion, it needs to be based on outcomes, our diverse curricula will be difficult to accommodate, and sequences (or the lack of them) are still a problem. Dave noted mixed acceptance. As a result of the discussion Liz Goulard put together a draft letter for Dave Phillilps (CIA chair) and Cheryl Falk (incoming CIA Chair) to Gretchen saying the timeline is unreasonable. Their May 17th draft letter was read to JBAC members by Dave. 

Elaine shared her response to the CIA discussion. Jim noted, as a non-OUS employee, that he was struck by where we are on this initiative. It is a different place and goal than when we started the discussion a year ago. It was first discussed as an idea that was to address some of the AA-OT issues and student behavior and to put something in place on behalf of students. The idea has been subsequently adopted by the OBHE in a different form and has become a political initiative with a goal of task completion. The OBHE wants to be able to share something that is being done. We need to be aware of the political realities of where it is as compared to where we started or even want it to be. He advised the JBAC to proceed cautiously.

Ed Watson noted that Linn-Benton Community College is working with OSU and getting by the barriers to facilitate something students are already trying to do by making it easier. He thought the fierce independence of colleges requires a mandate of a common core and collaboration and then it will be 3-5 years for discipline groups to agree on outcomes. It could lead to common course numbers and other good things for students. 

Craig said the STC should be commended for coming up with something for the OBHE to review. CSSA was not cautious and believed there are ways to improve transfer for students. Timing is a concern. The course lists are already produced so that piece shouldn’t take a lot of work. We have tools in place to start having this benefit students. 

Glenda said she presented the idea to an ORACRO session of 25 and it was well received. She was encouraged by attendees to move forward. They thought it would be helpful to students and they are already doing much of it. They like the concept of endorsement of a block of courses.

Jim reported on his discussion with the Inter-institutional Faculty Senate. Dave McDonald went to them the following day to talk about the OBHE committee and as a result a faculty member from WOU drove to La Grande to express WOU concern and OUS faculty resistance. They support the general idea but are concerned about something being done quickly and not well. Karen said that faculty hear only pieces and don’t understand so they get worried. She is confident they will support it when they understand.

Status of JBAC

Members questioned who/what the JBAC is, where it is to go, and who their appointing authorities are?Member terms are expiring and the many changes require the mechanics of the appointments to be activated. Clear directions are needed. 

It was suggested that Connie or Gretchen be invited to the June meeting to address the issues of the future. 

Elaine said she sees work of the JBAC as continuing as it is so important. There have been structures in place continuously for at least a quarter century to deal with the issues and she is confident that some structure will continue. It is necessary for getting the work of the OBHE committee done. 

Dave spoke about the community college Presidents’ Council discussions of groups and their apparent desire to go back to a structure with more dialog and work done by each group but with statewide policy implications going through the President’s council.
Members stressed that whatever emerges needs to be student focused.

Prepared by Elaine Yandle-Roth
June 4, 2004
URL: http://www.ous.edu/aca/5-18-04.htm

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