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Academic Affairs - Transfer and Articulation
Transfer and Articulation Policies

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Transfer Credit Limitation Policy


Academic Council endorses a policy that allows Oregon University System (OUS) institutions to transfer up to 124 lower-division credits from Oregon community colleges when those credits contribute appropriately to a baccalaureate degree program. (The increase of transfer credits from 108 to 124 is intended to allow students maximum benefit from credits earned in a community college; however, the policy does not alter institutional requirements for either upper-division or graduation and in individual cases may increase the total number of credits required for a student to graduate.)


approved by Academic Council 7/01





OUS university center directors and campus advisors have noted the uneven application of the 108-credit-hour transfer limitation by OUS campuses. The original OUS policy, dating from 1971, applied credit transfer limitations to two-year colleges only and was intended to send a message to potential transfer students about the need to communicate with receiving OUS institutions concerning requirements. Over the past three decades, collaboration and communication with community colleges and potential transfer students regarding course and program articulation have increased substantially. University centers, regional OUS/community college collaborations, the new OSU-Cascades Campus in partnership with Central Oregon Community College, and growing numbers of co-admission/co-enrollment programs between OUS institutions and Oregon community colleges support adoption of a more flexible policy that enables students to achieve maximum benefit of community college courses in carefully articulated programs with OUS institutions. The OUS Academic Council approved the revised policy in July 2001.

Last updated: October 2, 2001

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