November 21, 1997






OIT Mission Statement
The Board has general powers to assign missions and roles for the institutions under its jurisdiction. OIT requests approval of a revised mission statement that more accurately reflects its focus on undergraduate and graduate degree programs and educational opportunities in the applied sciences and technologies.

Academic Affairs
Setting Priorities
for Performance Indicators
The Board will be asked to approve the work plan and provide guidance regarding performance indicator priorities.

Joint-Campus Graduate Program for Environmental Sciences, Studies, and Policy (OSU, PSU, UO)
The proposed joint-campus graduate program reflects the specific strengths of the participating institutions and will prepare students for various careers in the environmental sciences. The proposed programs are:

B.A./B.S. in Language and Culture, with Concentrations in French, German, and Spanish, SOU
The proposed program differs from traditional foreign language classes in its emphasis on culture rather than literature. An internship and international experience are required.

Finance & Administration
Consolidated Dormitory Debt Pool Internal Management Directive
Staff recommends changes in the Board's Internal Management Directives related to financing the construction and major renovation of residence hall and dining facilities. This proposal would, for all future projects, change the current pooled approach to debt service allocation to an approach that is self-contained on the campus that benefits from the capital improvements. This proposal also establishes reserves to ensure adequate resources for debt repayment.

Resolution for the Sale of Article XI-G & Article XI-F(1) Bonds
Staff recommends the Board authorize the State Treasurer to issue $14,114,500 of bonds in spring 1998 under authority of Article XI-G and $25,310,000 of bonds under authority of Article XI-F(1) of the Oregon Constitution for capital construction projects approved by the Board and Legislative Assembly.

Residence Purchase, EOU
Eastern Oregon University requests approval to purchase a residence immediately adjacent to campus. If acquired, the residence will be used to house the University's Student Health Services and Student Counseling Services.

Board Committees
Athletic Funding & Sports Action Lottery Committee Recommendations
At the July 18, 1997, meeting of the Board, President Aschkenasy announced the formation of a Board Athletic Funding and Sports Action Lottery Committee to: examine the present condition of athletic funding and budgets following the Board's most recent actions regarding the financial status of athletic programs; review the present formula (and criteria) for Sports Action Lottery distribution, memberships, changes, and Title IX considerations; and report and recommend to the Board any changes needed in the distribution formula of Sports Action Lottery proceeds. The Committee met on November 11, 1997, and anticipates having a recommendation for the Board.

Investment Committee Recommendation for Investment Management Firm
In April 1996, the Board charged the Investment Committee to conduct a search for new equity investment managers. The Committee, with the assistance of investment consultants R.V. Kuhns and Associates, has completed its work and presents its recommendation to the Board.


Confirmation of Institutional Degree Lists
The Board must routinely confirm the actions of Board members in approving degrees and diplomas. These degrees and diplomas are for the graduating classes for the 1996-97 academic year and summer session.

Resolution Regarding Classified Information for U.S. Department of Defense, OSU
The U.S. Department of Defense Industrial Security Manual requires that owners, officers, and executive personnel of corporations and regents or trustees of universities whose employees have access to classified material in the course of working on Department of Defense contracts delegate to others the authority for fulfilling the requirements of the Industrial Security Manual and exclude themselves from access to classified information. The proposed resolution is a routine item which is required by the Manual.

Academic Affairs
B.A./B.S. in Women's Studies; Revise Certificate Program, PSU
The proposed program, which in part is a response to student interest, has both discipline and theme-based emphases. PSU's women's studies programs has long-standing partnerships with community organizations, and the proposed baccalaureate will build on those relationships for practica and internships.

B.A./B.S. in Ethnic Studies, UO
The proposed interdisciplinary program is designed to be comparative rather than ethnic specific. Among the program's goals are to convey knowledge and understanding of ethnicity in the United States and to help students learn their opportunities and responsibilities as citizens in an increasingly multicultural nation.

B.A./B.S. in Community Crime Prevention, WOU
The proposed program focuses solely on community crime prevention rather than treating it only as a component of criminal justice or corrections. This program is in keeping with WOU's mission, as well as state and national goals.


Finance & Administration
Annual Fall Enrollment Report
Actual headcount enrollment at OSSHE institutions has increased for the third consecutive year. The fall 1997 base enrollment reached 59,801, a gain of over 1,000 students from the previous fall, with resident undergraduate enrollment increasing by over 3.7 percent. Resident first-time freshman enrollment is up 2.7 percent, and graduate enrollment is up slightly. FTE enrollment increased at all seven institutions, and, though the UO dipped slightly, headcount was up at the remaining six OSSHE institutions.

Annual Report on Investments
The annual report of the Pooled Endowment Fund for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1997, is presented in three parts: (1) a summary report of investments at the Common Fund, (2) a summary report of investments of the Pooled Endowment Fund, and (3) a fourth-quarter investment consultant's report from R.V. Kuhns and Associates, which is included with the supplemental materials. Also included with the supplemental materials is the System's Investment Report, a comprehensive, annual performance report of the System's entire investment portfolio.

Academic Affairs
Preliminary Proposals for New Academic Programs

The following preproposals for programs are presented for Board discussion and guidance:

These programs are being developed in response to increased requirements in licensure.