Brian Fox

Brian Fox
1401 Oregon Street, #242
Ashland OR 97520

Brian Fox, Cottage Grove, was appointed to the Oregon State Board of Higher Education in February 2008.

Brian Fox attends Southern Oregon University where he works to empower students, amplify their voice on campus, in their communities, and throughout the state, as well as develop future student leaders. He has worked to ensure that students have a voice in local government and policy issues that directly and indirectly affect them. He has worked with the Oregon Students Association and the United States Student Association on issues of tuition and funding, as well as equity and access to postsecondary education. Brian views higher education in the State of Oregon as the key to opening the door for Oregon’s students to living wage jobs as well as to a stable, prosperous, and sustainable economy in the 21st Century. He has participated in issues such as long-term planning and policy development, with a focus in education quality and student retention. Brian graduated in 2006 from Cottage Grove High School and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in economics with an emphasis in finance, as well as a Certificate of Advanced Finance and Economics with an emphasis in economic analysis at Southern Oregon University.

His term expires in 2011.

Committees: Board Committee on Finance & Administration, the Tuition Policy Work Group (chair), Board Subcommittee on Student Participation and Completion, and the Joint Boards' Working Group on Budget Alignment.