Dalton Miller-Jones

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Dalton Miller-Jones
Dept of Psychology, PSU
PO Box 751
Portland OR 97207-0751

Dalton Miller-Jones was appointed to the Oregon State Board of Higher Education on June 22, 2006. He has been a Professor of Psychology at Portland State University since 1991, where he also served as Vice Provost for Academic Affairs for three years, and chaired the Black Studies Department since 2004.

Professor Miller-Jones’ research is on the impact of culture on development and learning and reasoning, especially for African American children. He has studied reading acquisition and teacher's attitudes and responses to speakers of Black English during reading instruction, and is beginning work in the area of identity and learning with a special emphasis on mathematics and science. He is research coordinator for the Center for Learning and Teaching in the West, a NSF funded five university Center, whose purpose is to improve mathematics and science education especially for urban and Reservation-based Native American, inner-city and rural African American and Latino middle school and high school students. Professor Miller-Jones was appointed to the Oregon School-to-Work Advisory committee by Governor Barbara Roberts in 1995 and was the state-wide university faculty coordinator for the PASS (Proficiency-based Admissions Standards System) Project.

Previously to joining PSU, Miller-Jones taught at the City University of New York, Cornell University, the University of Massachusetts, and Williams College. He helped establish the Africana Studies and Research Center at Cornell University. At the City University of New York's Graduate School, he served as Deputy Executive Officer for the Ph.D. program in Psychology and Head of the Developmental Psychology subprogram. Dalton Miller-Jones received his master's in Experimental Psychology from Tufts University in 1965 and doctorate in Developmental Psychology from Cornell University in 1973.

Dr. Miller-Jones' term expires in 2010.

Committees: Board Executive Committee, Academic Strategies Committee, Subcommittee on Student Participation and Completion (chair), Subcommittee on Sexual Assault, and the Joint Boards' Unified Education Enterprise