February 4, 2002

Contact: Bob Bruce, 503-725-5700
Source: Bob Dryden, 503-725-5705

Grants Awarded to Faculty Research, K-12 Math, Science Programs

PORTLAND - The Oregon University System, in coordination with a key industry council, announced today it has awarded $688,743 in grants for education and research projects supporting the state's high-technology industry.

Award of the grants was recommended by the Engineering Technology Industry Council (ETIC), says Robert D. Dryden, the Oregon University System's vice chancellor for engineering and computer science.

Fourteen grants were awarded in two broad categories. Six nonprofit or campus-based organizations will share $200,000 in grants focused on encouraging K-12 students to become involved in math and science. Eight research faculty members based at Oregon public universities will share $488,713 for applied research that may help Oregon high-tech companies develop products and services. Industry is expected to match the OUS research grants with approximately $600,000 in private grants.

These grants support two engineering education priorities advocated by the high-tech industry in Oregon, Dryden says. "The pre-college program is designed to stimulate the interest of young students in possible science and engineering careers. The research grants will add to the body of technical knowledge in Oregon, enabling both industry and higher education to expand an effective partnership benefiting all Oregonians."

The grants are financed from the Oregon Engineering Education Investment Fund, established in 1997 by the Oregon Legislature through Senate Bill 504. ETIC advises the vice chancellor on ways to expand the quality and scope of engineering education through investments from the fund.

"We are pleased with the quality of the programs that applied for funding," says Walden C. Rhines, ETIC chair and Mentor Graphics' chief executive officer and board chair. "The grants are long-term strategic investments that will deliver good results over the next decade. As the Oregon Engineering Education Investment Fund grows, we will make similar grant awards."

In the pre-college category, grant recipients are:

  • FutureMakers, a program of Saturday Academy administered by Portland State University (PSU) and Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), $39,000.
  • Hydroville Curriculum Project, a program of Oregon State University (OSU), $39,000.
  • MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement), sponsored by PSU, $39,000.
  • OMSI Boys and Girls Science Club, a program of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, $20,000.
  • Science Education Summer Institute, a program of Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT), $39.000.
  • Technology Space Camps, also a program of OIT, $24,000.
  • Oregon corporations will match the faculty research grants at a level ranging from about 100 to 180 percent. The following OUS funded grants were awarded to:
  • David C. Johnson, University of Oregon, for research on improving thermoelectric materials, $49,084.
  • Y.C. Yeng, PSU, for research on digital signal processing for mixed signal testing, $56,653.
  • Liu Hauping, OSU, research on wireless system design for radio-frequency hostile environments, $150,000.
  • Richard B. Peterson, OSU, for research on portable power systems development, $97,242.
  • Panos Photinos, Southern Oregon University, design of instrumentation driver with Accuracy-of-Measurement, $18,452.
  • David Porter, OSU, research on wireless local area network (LAN) systems, $38,947.
  • Alexandre Tenca, OSU, research related to multipliers for digital signature applications, $53,336.
  • William Wood, PSU, research on the effects of microstructure and interface properties on Interconnect and Via Reality, $25,000.

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