October 18, 2002

Contact: Jeanie-Marie Price, 503-725-3773

State Board Discusses Future of Oregon University System

At their first meeting of the 2002-2003 year, the Oregon State Board of Higher Education reviewed a proposal for a Planning Framework called
"The Deal," which was brought to the Board by the System Strategic Planning Committee (SSP). The Deal is a proposal to create a new partnership with Oregon that addresses issues such as access and affordability, institutional flexibility, enrollment management and funding through a combination of state investment, student investment and institutional efficiencies.

Included in The Deal is a revised vision for the System that sets out by the year 2010 to: grow enrollment capacity to 100,000; increase student graduation rates; double the number of research dollars and ranked programs; and double the number of engineering graduates if the State commits to: fund the growth at an improving rate; provides financial aid comparable to states in the region; and promotes flexibility and entrepreneurship among the campuses.

Also outlined in The Deal are 15 new flexibility initiatives, which are aimed at enhancing university responsiveness to demands of students and other constituents, and transforming existing state regulations or Board policy to create efficiencies. The initiatives respond to the requests by the university presidents for more entrepreneurial opportunities as well as to the obligation of the Board for accountability to the State.

The Board reviewed the proposal and accepted it as the direction for the Oregon University System and its staff to move in, and acknowledged that the framework is a work-in-progress.

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