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November 15, 1999            
Contact: Bob Bruce, 503-725-5714
Sources: Robert Dryden, Vice Chancellor, (503) 725-5718
          Morgan Anderson,
(503) 696-2827

Intel Renews Commitment to Engineering Education

PORTLAND - Intel Corporation has renewed its commitment to Oregon young people who aspire to careers in engineering and computer science.

Intel has committed financial support for up to 36 Oregon students through a scholarship program administered by the Oregon University System (OUS).

"Intel has shown continuing commitment to engineering education," said Robert Dryden, OUS vice chancellor for engineering and computer science. "Their support for scholarships will help ensure that Oregon's strongest students stay in Oregon for their education. All of last year's recipients were 4.0 gpa (grade point average) graduates of Oregon high schools who chose to pursue their higher education at an Oregon public university."

The Intel Foundation will underwrite the undergraduate scholarship program in engineering and computer science with three grants of $30,000 each. One encourages women to become engineers or computer scientists. A second targets engineering careers for under-represented populations. A third is open to all students throughout the state of Oregon who are pursuing engineering or computer science degrees.

The three grants will support a total of 36 scholarships at $2,500 per year for engineering and computer science at either Portland State University, Oregon State University, or the University of Oregon. Half of the scholarships are expected to go to those who were awarded the same scholarship during last year's selection -- students who are currently pursuing engineering or computer science as freshman at one of these Oregon schools.

The other 18 scholarships will go to students who plan to major in engineering or computer science as freshman in the fall of 1999. These scholarships will be renewable, up to four years, for students who maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average and continue to major in engineering, computer science and computer-related technical fields.

Scholarship recipients will spend the summer between their freshman and sophomore year working with faculty as undergraduate research interns. During the following two summers, they will be offered paid internships at Intel.

The deadline for applications is March 1, 2000. Applications are now available from Outreach Programs, Oregon University System, 18640 NW Walker Rd., Suite 1027, Beaverton, OR 97006. The application is also accessible on the World Wide Web site at:
www.ous.edu/ocecs/images/OCECS2000SchAp.PDF. The applications will primarily be reviewed on how well the applicants have prepared themselves to pursue a degree in engineering or computer science.

Intel is a strong supporter of engineering and computer science education. Jim Johnson, an Intel executive, chairs the Oregon Engineering and Technology Industry Council, created in 1997 by the Legislature to increase engineering capacity and meet the needs of Oregon industries. The Council oversees $10 million dollars in state funding for new investments in engineering education as well as matching industry contributions to the same area.


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