December 15, 2000

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Summer 2001 Tuition Increases Slightly on OUS Campuses

BEAVERTON - It will cost slightly more for students to attend summer school in 2001 at Oregon's public universities.

New summer session tuition and fee rates were approved Friday by the Oregon State Board of Higher Education. Total tuition and fees for undergraduates will increase from $13 to $91 on all campuses except Eastern Oregon University, La Grande, where no increase is scheduled. At the graduate level, all schools will raise total tuition and fees between $46 and $158 to cover greater operating cost increases and to bring rates more in line with regular school year charges.

Undergraduate resident tuition for 12 credit hours will range from $982 at Oregon Institute of Technology to $1,149 at Oregon State University while resident graduate costs for 9 credit hours will range from $1,287 at Eastern Oregon University to $1,484 at Western Oregon University.

In other actions Friday, the board:

· Adopted a new vision for engineering and computer science education in Oregon. The vision suggests Oregon's public universities will become "pre-eminent providers of education in engineering and computer science." It targets creation of a top-tier engineering college at Oregon State University and nationally recognized programs at all OUS campuses.

·Approved plans to renovate a campus dining facility and construct a new bell tower at Oregon State University. OSU will spend $1.5 million to update the McNary Dining Hall by removing asbestos ceiling and floor tiles, updating furnishings, improving lighting and continuing conversion from a cafeteria-style food service. The University also plans to use a recent private gift to begin building a bell tower on the central library quadrangle. The $550,000 gift, from Mrs. Shirley Pape, will fund initial construction.

·Authorized Portland State University to add an easement and restrictive covenant to the recently completed Peter W. Stott Community Field. The easement will permit access to erect and maintain a commemorative plaque. The covenant requires PSU to use the space as an outdoor athletic field and not to construct anything on the site that conflicts with that use until 2025.

· Granted PSU authority to establish three new academic initiatives. PSU will establish new programs leading to the Ph.D. in civil engineering and M.S. degree in systems science, effective Winter Term 2001. The university also will implement new graduate certificates in applied energy economics, systems engineering fundamentals, earth and space science for K-12 educators, applied statistics, computer modeling and simulation, computational intelligence, and professional communication during Winter Term 2001.

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· Drafted grammatical, technical and slight process changes to policies on grievances. The major change places final appeal for most cases at the campus level. The recommended changes will now be reviewed on the campuses and will come back to the Board for April for action.

· Approved new temporary administrative rules on confidentiality for negotiation. The rules, which follow model rules drafted by the Oregon Department of Justice, add to the confidentiality of records used in mediation communications, and

· Authorized PSU to award honorary doctoral degrees to two distinguished South Korean leaders. The awards will be presented to Deog Ryong Kim, a member of the National Assembly who has been an outspoken advocate for political reform, and Dr. Yul Ja Kim, a respected medical doctor and researcher, who has worked to improve public health in her country through the Korean Red Cross and the Commission to Help North Korean Refugees. Both awards will be presented at special ceremonies in early 2001.

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