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Counselor Resources

High school and community college counselors play a key role in helping students and families navigate the myriad processes of college preparation, admissions and financial aid. This site contains information that will help high school guidance staff in Oregon facilitate their students' journeys from high school and into college, including the OUS regional Counselor Conferences, high school coursework information, pre-college programs, and the Fall Visitation Tour. For more information on transfer student resources and planning tools, go to Transfer Students. For more information on partnerships to ensure that students are prepared for post-secondary education, also see Community College Partnerships and K-12 Partnerships.


  • OUS Counselor Handbook (PDSouthern Oregon University faculty and studentsF) 2014-15 An annual publication containing current information on admission requirements financial aid, scholarships and student services for Oregon University System institutions. The handbook is sent to Oregon counselors annually each fall.
  • OUS Futures 2014 (PDF) Key admission & College Planning Information for Future Students of Oregon's Public Universities - This brochure provides key admissions guidelines and deadlines, financial aid information, and OUS program information to current high school seniors and transfer students interested in enrolling in an Oregon public university in 2014-15. It is a one time publication designed to faciliate the transition from the Fall to a Spring Visitation Tour. The OUS Viewbook will also be available this spring, 2014.
  • OUS Futures 2014 (E-book version for online viewing) comiing soon

Other Resources:

  • 2014-15 Deferral Form (PDF)- Request for deferral of Application Fee for admission to 2012-13 Academic Year.
  • OUS Entering Freshmen Profile, for High Schools: These profiles provide feedback to Oregon high schools on how their graduates are doing in college, for those who enrolled as first-time freshmen at OUS institutions. Each profile includes data on OUS enrollment, entering academic profile such as average high school GPA and SAT, as well as freshman performance information such as average first year college GPA and average performance in certain courses.
  • OUS Native American Resource Guide offers information about campus resources, web sites, financial aid resources, community college transfer processes, distance education, and more to assist current and prospective Native students.
  • Northwest Accreditation Commission


The OUS Office of Student Success Initiatives works to facilitate the successful transition of students into college, and manages the information on the counselor resources site.  If you have questions, you may contact Judith_Moll@ous.edu