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Friday, February 4, 2000
Embassy Suites Airport Hotel
Portland, Oregon

Session One
10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Geographic Information Systems at the Library
Jennifer Stone, University of Washington

More and more libraries are adding GIS to the list of services that they offer, and each library's services are as different as their clientele. This presentation will focus on current GIS intitiatives at the University of Washington Libraries, including GIS reference services, data acquisition and provision, and the use of MrSID compression software to make digital aerial photography available.

Jennifer Stone is Geographic Information Systems Librarian at the University of Washington, Seattle.

Is Free Better? Comparing Search Interfaces for MEDLINE
Leslie Cable, Patty Davies, and Dolores Judkins, Oregon Health Sciences University

This session will compare three search interfaces to MEDLINE: OVID, a commercially available database, and Internet Grateful Med and PubMed, free search interfaces offered by the National Library of Medicine. It will include tips on more effectively using the free interfaces and the difference in results when searching each.

Leslie Cable, MSLS, is a member of the Medical Library Association and a distinguished member of the Association of Health Information Professionals (AHIP). She has been a Reference Librarian at OHSU since 1967.
Patty Davies is an Assistant Professor and has been a Reference Librarian at OHSU since 1973. She is currently working in Medical Informatics as well as teaching and providing reference services.
Dolores Judkins, MLS, is a member of the Medical Library Association and a distinguished member of the Association of Health Information Professionals (AHIP). She has been a librarian at OHSU since 1981 and is currently the Consumer Health Librarian and Web Manager for the OHSU Center for Women's Health.

Library Services for Distance Education
Sharon Elteto, and David Moore, Portland State University

This session will discuss library services for distance education, with a focus on Portland State University.

Sharon Elteto is Bibliographic Instruction Librarian, and Dr. David Moore is Manager of Distributed Education, at Portland State University.

Managing Library Computer Use
John Donel, Oregon State University

The implementation of a large Information Commons in Oregon State University's Valley Library resulted in an increase of public computers from twenty to over one hundred. This session will examine the software and policies that are employed to help manage these computer services, including hard disk imaging, desktop security, printing, and laptop checkout.

John Donel is the Electronic Services Librarian at OSU's Valley Library.

Usability Testing: How Effective is Your Library's Web Site?
Nicole Campbell & Karen Diller, Washington State University-Vancouver

In recent years, librarians have invested great effort in developing their library web sites. However, it has been difficult for librarians to find the time to test the effectiveness of their web sites. This session will cover the general principles of usability testing, the planning involved in conducting individual usability tests and the analysis and implementation of test results. Presenters will provide an example of each test used, a short bibliography and a display of design and organization changes made as a result of their usability testing.

Nicole Campbell is a reference librarian at Washington State University Vancouver and has been involved in creating web pages for the past three years, including creating web pages for the Internet Public Library.
Karen R. Diller is the assistant campus librarian at Washington State University Vancouver where she created the Library's first web site. Karen has been teaching library and technology instruction classes for over eight years and manages the public service areas of the WSUV Library.

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