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Friday, January 26, 2001
Embassy Suites Airport Hotel
Portland, Oregon

What Past Attendees Say

Online Northwest is a one-day conference focusing on learning about computers and technology in all types of libraries. Want to know what peole who've attended this conference think? Here are several comments from past attendees:

“I can vouch for the value of attending this conference. I attended Online Northwest 1999 and found it of great benefit for someone like me, director of a very small public library frantically trying to keep my head above water, technology-wise. M.H., who works at [name deleted], flew over with me the morning of the conference from the Boise Airport, and flew home that evening. That saved us the cost of staying overnight in Portland. It was not as exhausting as it sounds. ... So there you have it: a public library director, an academic librarian, and a school librarian all benefitted from this conference ... . By the way, R.S. and I both won door prizes last year. The prizes are fabulous and expensive computer related items! Scanner, laser pointer, ergonomic split keyboard, for a few examples.” - M.F., Idaho (posted to LIBIDAHO list, 7/30/99)

From evaluations of the 1999 conference:

  • Very well organized — no glitches! Congratulations on a great conference.
  • Best regional conference I've been to
  • Very smoothly run. Thank you!
  • The sessions were very hands-on and useful for me. Thank you!
  • All good. There didn't seem to be enough time in each session.
  • All the speakers were focused, informative, and well-spoken — very useful

From evaluations of the 1998 conference:

  • Got something useful from each presentation. Like handouts and web addresses for more information
  • All of the ones I went to were great because they were practical
  • All the sessions I attended have had an item of interest, new information
  • I found all the speakers to be well prepared and eager to share information
  • ...I like to keep aware of what is going on, especially at the universities where cutting edge seems to be; networking is always of high value at this meeting.

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