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Friday, March 1, 2002
Eugene Hilton
Eugene, Oregon

Session Four
3:15 p.m. - 4:15 p.m.

Promoting E-Literacy @ Your Library
Timothy S. Hillebrand

In this presentation, the evolution and current state of eBooks will be discussed along with the plethora of formats, software, and readers jockeying for position in a confusing, immature marketplace. There will be a hands-on demonstration and evaluation of the actual eBook reader hardware available. The implementation of an eBook program at the Moscow Public Library will be presented along with ideas of how such a program might be instituted at your library. Since eBooks invite electronic publishing, this could likely be a productive role for libraries. To this end, a demonstration on converting documents to various formats and publishing them will conclude the presentation.

Timothy Hillebrand is President of Synergetics International in Moscow, Idaho.

Usability Assessment, Round Two: Re-examining the UW Libraries' Information Gateway
Jennifer Ward -University of Washington Libraries

While the overall structure of the Information Gateway, the University of Washington Libraries website, has not changed since its inception in 1998, the number of electronic resources and the information needs of our users certainly has. To better serve our patrons we are assessing the usability of the Information Gateway and will implement changes based what users need - not what librarians think they need.

Jennifer Ward is a Systems Librarian and the Usability Coordinator for Library Systems at the University of Washington Libraries.

Information Architecture
Emily Miller-Francisco -Southern Oregon University

Information architecture is about figuring out ways to create well structured, easy-to-use Websites. Although there are no right or wrong answers in information architecture, it's important to think carefully through the process of Website creation. Good information architecture and happy Website users go hand-in-hand. As librarians, information architecture is particularly important because our primary goal is for users to be able to access the information they need.

Emily Miller-Francisco recently joined the Southern Oregon University Library as its Electronic Resources Coordinator. She received her MLS in the spring of 2001 from Simmons College, where she took classes in information architecture and Web development. She is on the SOU Library's Web Team and teaches classes in Dreamweaver.

Blogging: Creating Instant Content for the Web*
Peter Scott-Nothern Lights Internet Solutions

Implementing an Academic Electronic Reference Service using knowledge Management
Arthur Hendricks, Kimberly Willson-St. Claire -Portland State University

At Portland State University's Millar Library we plan to advance from asynchronous email reference to synchronous 24/7 virtual reference by summer term 2002. With each phase of implementation of the reference service, our workgroup uses knowledge management "best practices" in order to integrate new technology into the organization. By using a cross lateral communication matrix we include everyone in the library (public services, technical services, and administration) to develop policy, refine the user interface, and to test the service.

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