Online Northwest 2004 Conference

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Breanna Anderson is a founder and Chief Technical Officer of SchemaLogic, a Redmond, Washington software company. Ms. Anderson is the architect of SchemaLogic's complete suite of enterprise metadata management solutions. SchemaLogic’s suite of products constitute one of the first commercially available solutions to encompass taxonomy creation and management, and structural schema management for data and metadata standards for large or distributed organizations.

Prior to SchemaLogic, Ms. Anderson was a software architect and program manager at Microsoft from 1995 to 2001. While at MSNBC Interactive, she created one of the first enterprise scale web news publishing systems. At MSN and, Breanna championed and delivered a series of groundbreaking enterprise CMS, web publishing, modeling and collaboration platforms and systems vital to Microsoft's public facing web properties. From 1985 to 1994, Breanna was a key engineer and Director of Research and Development at Revelation Technologies where she developed the first commercially available Repository-centric database application development environment, OpenInsight.

Breanna lives in the Seattle area with her partner Ryan and their dog and cat menagerie. In her occasional free time, she enjoys such diversions as computer animation, video production, music appreciation and kayaking.

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