Online Northwest 2004 Conference


Session 4  

DSpace at the University of Oregon Library

JQ Johnson, University of Oregon

During 2003, the University of Oregon Library pursued an initiative to investigate and implement a pilot project for an "insitutional repository" where members of the UO community could deposit electronic copies of their scholarly works. We evaluated and adopted MIT's DSpace software. This session will discuss our implementation process and will demo the DSpace software we selected.


Developing an Interface Agent for a Library Website

Shirley Lincicum, Western Oregon University

The social interaction between librarian and patron that occurs in the traditional library setting is a unique and important component of the services that libraries provide. With more services moving online, libraries face the challenge of providing a socially engaging environment for their online users. Using interface agent technology could be one way to improve the sociality of online library services. In 2003, I completed a project that examined the feasibility of developing an interface agent application for a library website using Microsoft Agent, XML, and client-side programming techniques. This presentation will demonstrate the prototype application and discuss the functional requirements, design issues, and technical challenges associated with developing an agent-based application intended to assist library end-users.

INSIDE Idaho: Enhancing GIS Services in an Academic Library Setting

Lily Wai & Bruce Godfrey, University of Idaho

INSIDE Idaho website ( is the realization of a long held vision by the GIS user community to establish a geospatial data clearinghouse within the library environment. INSIDE Idaho provides information in ways that can be used by persons at either end of the technological spectrum. Users range from computer novices to information technology professionals. For novice computer users, a series of statistical tables and pre-formatted maps on various subjects are available as well as user-friendly web-based GIS applications. For the GIS professionals, thousands of geospatial data themes are available for download. The technically savvy computer user, with desktop GIS software, can now connect directly to live map services.


So You Wanna do a Usability Study: How to Collect and Analyze Qualitative Data for Redesign

Joyce Meldrem & Carolyn Johnson, Northwest Missouri State University

Because many library services and resources are provided online without face-to-face contact with the user, it is essential that library Web sites be easy to navigate and offer relevant content. The presenters will describe a variety of concrete usability data collection methods that they used in two studies, including one-on-one observations, focus groups, and user dialogues. They will provide an example of a matrix tool to analyze qualitative data gathered from their study. Attendees will take home copies of the matrix tool and sample testing questions.


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