Online Northwest 2007

Notes for Presenters

  1. Most of the attendees are librarians from the academic community, but we are seeing increasing attendance from public, special, and school libraries, as well as others from the information industry. Your program should be directed at the moderate to experienced user. Emphasize the practical.

  2. Programs are one hour in length. This should be plenty of time for you to present your topic, but we do ask you to structure your program so that there are at least 10 minutes at the end for questions. Past conference attendees have commented that this is often the richest part of the program for them. Members of the conference committee will be on hand to provide time cues.

  3. Attendees may spend the first few minutes of the session "shopping around" for a program; expect to see several people arriving up to five minutes into your program, but don't feel that you have to back up in your program and bring them up to speed — they'll catch up.

  4. Executive summaries of each program will be published on the Online Northwest Web page prior to the conference. Speakers should submit their executive summaries via email to Ken Watson .

  5. Presenters are not reimbursed for photocopies. If you do decide to provide handouts, please contact Ken Watson .

  6. You are strongly encouraged to make any handouts, Powerpoint presentations, and supplementary materials (webliographies, etc.) available via a web site, and to include the URL in your executive summary. The conference committee will also provide a link from the conference web site to your program web site following the conference.

  7. Each conference room will be equipped with a laptop PC, LCD video projector, Internet access, Netscape Navigator (latest released version), Internet Explorer (latest released version), and Powerpoint (latest released version). If you have further audiovisual needs, please contact Jon Jablonski, (541) 346-2871 or Jon Jablonski , with the details no later than January 7, 2006.

  8. If you use Powerpoint, test your presentation on more than one computer, as well as with the Powerpoint viewer, before you leave for the conference.

  9. Presenters (1 per presentation) receive free registration to the conference. Additional presenters are required to register using the online registration form or print out the registration form and mail it in. Contact Jamie LeGore if you have questions.

  10. The Conference Committee makes every effort to accommodate conference participants and presenters with special needs. If, as a presenter, you receive a request from someone with special needs, we encourage you to accommodate them as much as possible. If you have questions about this, please contact a member of the conference committee.

  11. Online Northwest strives to provide an excellent experience for both attendees and presenters. We want you to do your best, and have gathered a few resources from the web that can help you put together a dynamic, well-organized program:

  • December 12 - presenter biographies and executive summaries due: Ken Watson
  • January 5 - additional audiovisual needs due: Jon Jablonski
  • February 16 - conference day; speakers’ briefing at 8:15 a.m.; room TBA. If you have any other questions about the conference, please contact Jamie Legore .