CH2M Hill Alumni Center
Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon

OSU Alumni Center

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Keynote Address

Brandon Schauer

randon SchauerThis year's Keynote speaker is Brandon Schauer. Brandon Schauer is an experience design director for Adaptive Path. He speaks, writes, trains, and practices experience design as a differentiator for business strategy. Brandon's passion for finding and understanding the unmet needs of customers has led him to diverse environments, from the homes of cancer patients to tunnels beneath Walt Disney World. This insight with customers -- plus a solid grounding in business analysis and a mastery of design methods -- allows Brandon to help organizations define and design more meaningful experiences for their customers. Visit his blog at http://www.brandonschauer.com/blog/ for more information.

Beyond Usability to User Experience

Usability alone can't assure a useful and valuable solution that people will adopt and enjoy. The practices of experience research, strategy, and design provide a more holistic approach to delivering great experiences that provide real value both to the users and to the organization. The good news is that many of the approaches are light weight and easy to initiate. We'll take a quick tour through a series of 'experience hacks' that can move you elegantly and efficiently towards great solutions that users love. We'll even get hands-on and try a couple out! The key to practicing user experience right is accomplishing a mental switch. Organizations tend to think inside-out from their own point-of-view. We'll practice approaches that bring a outside-in perspective to creating and improving services from the perspective of the people they serve.