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PORTLAND, January 11, 2013 – Recognizing the link between the number and diversity of highly skilled graduates and a competitive workforce in Oregon, the State Board of Higher Education (the “Board”) today awarded $3.2 million to Oregon University System campuses for increasing degrees to students across the state. This is the second results-based allocation this biennium, for a total of $6.4 million, which ties funding to performance around increasing degrees for Oregonians, including rural and under-represented students of color.

“The economic prosperity of Oregon is reliant on meeting the demand for a highly educated labor force,” said OUS chancellor George Pernsteiner. “We can meet this need with Oregonians only if we continue to make progress in helping the students who represent our future workforce stay in college and earn degrees. Results matter, and we are achieving these through system-wide, targeted strategies that move us collectively towards the goals defined by the Governor and guided by the Board. Our skilled graduates are filling jobs and helping companies drive the success of Oregon’s economy and its communities large and small.”

Melody Rose, OUS vice chancellor for academic strategies,said that the Chancellor’s Office has set aside a portion of the System budget for the past five years as performance-based funding in order to move the state forward collectively in addressing student success in areas such as retention and degrees. This strategy has yielded increases in degrees for Oregonians overall, and for the state’s rural and minority students. Dr. Rose said that in 2011-2013, the System set aside $6.4 million for campuses that have met degree outcomes that align with the 40-40-20 education attainment goal for Oregon, and have met other critical goals, such as ensuring a skilled workforce for businesses competing regionally and globally in a broad array of industries. Forty-nine percent of the performance funding was awarded in 2011 for 2010-11 OUS degrees awarded; the remaining $3,249,233 was approved today by the Board and distributed for degrees awarded in 2011-12.

Campus specific allocations for degree outcomes include:
Eastern Oregon University $227,710; Oregon Institute of Technology $157,200; Oregon State University $764,413; OSU-Cascades $43,031; Portland State University $977,741; Southern Oregon University $209,320; University of Oregon $616,662; and Western Oregon University $253,156.

Distance Learning Approaches:     
Dr. Melody Rose, OUS vice chancellor for academic strategies, said that higher education is undergoing a global transformation in the way that knowledge is created and disseminated. Part of this is how the OUS moves forward to expand distance education opportunities for our students, and how to position ourselves in an ever changing industry and landscape. She noted that all of the OUS campuses are providing distance education options that reflect their unique missions, programs and student needs. Eastern Oregon University and Oregon State University representatives presented information on how each is approaching e-learning opportunities based on local needs across the state, and the demand for distance education across the country and the world. EOU discussed how their distance education is provided through on-line learning supplemented with regional centers in Oregon, using the examples of their centers in John Day and the Willamette valley. These centers are important for higher education in rural communities, especially, helping students of all ages and backgrounds meet their education and career goals. OSU discussed the number and sophistication of their E-campus courses and programs, and how these serve both students on campus who take in-class and e-courses, and students who are using the e-campus exclusively to earn their degrees.

In other action and discussion at today’s meeting, the Board and/or its Committees: 

  • Approved adding to the OUS 2013-2015 Capital request a total of $84.3 million in Article XI-F(1) bonds to renovate and expand the Erb Memorial Union at the University of Oregon, subject to satisfactory resolution of a student’s grievance related to the validity of the student referendum.
  • Adopted the resolution regarding access to classified information related to Department of Defense material.
  • Approved the OUS Code of Ethics, and repealed the current Financial Irregularities Board Policy and replaced it with the OUS Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Reporting Internal Management Directive.
  • Heard reports from the Interinstitutional Faculty Senate, and the Oregon Student Association.
  • Welcomed Rep. Dembrow to the meeting, and the board and campuses expressed appreciation for his work in the Legislature on behalf of Oregon’s students and higher education overall.

And at other recent meetings: 

  • Heard and discussed a presentation by Sightlines on a System-level report that measures OUS facilities against its peer institutions and management and operation of our facilities (11-16-12 F& A Committee). 
  • Accepted the Quarterly Management Reports as of Sept. 30, 2012 (11-16-12 F& A Committee). 
  • Accepted the Quarterly Investment Report for first quarter of FY2013 (11-16-12 F& A Committee). 
  • Accepted the Labor-Management committee’s reports and recommendations on the Optional Retirement Plan and on Health and Welfare Plan Options on behalf of the Oregon State Board of Education, and approved the transmittal letter to accompany the reports to the legislative leadership prior to December 1, 2012 (11-16-12 F& A Committee). 
  • Approved a new academic program at Oregon State University: MS/M.Eng./PhD in Environmental Engineering, effective Winter 2013 (Academic Strategies Committee, 11-1-12) 
  • Discussed the OUS Faculty Satisfaction Survey, completed for OUS by the American Council on Education; and discussed the OUS Diversity Policy (Academic Strategies Committee, 11-1-12 and 1-10-13).  
  • Discussed salary supplements provided by university foundations to OUS presidents (10-19-12 Governance & Policy Committee). 
  • Discussed the opportunities for additional shared services across the OUS (10-19-12 G&P Committee). 
  • Approved the October 2012 Quarterly Internal Audit Division Progress Report (10-19-12 Finance & Administration Committee).
  • Heard and discussed a report on the analysis of the 2011-12 Financial Statements for the OUS (10-19-12 F&A Committee).
  • Heard and discussed a report on OUS’ newly structured office of Risk Management as a result of SB 242 (10-19-12 F&A Committee).
  • Provided an update on the goals, plans and status of the implementation of the various components of SB 242 (10-19-12 F&A Committee).
  • Discussed the campus process for tuition recommendations for the 2013-14 academic year and 2014 summer term (10-19-12 F&A Committee).

 The Oregon University System comprises seven distinguished public universities and one branch campus, reaching more than one million people each year through on-campus classes, statewide public services and lifelong learning. The Oregon State Board of Higher Education, the statutory governing board of OUS, is composed of fifteen members appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Oregon State Senate.

For docket materials from today’s meeting, go to /state_board/meeting/dockets