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Noncredit Enrollment

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Noncredit Enrollment

Noncredit Enrollment

The data reported below reflect the duplicated headcount of students enrolled in noncredit courses for which a fee has been paid and which can be documented through registrations or similar transactions.The unduplicated headcount is estimated to be approximately half the duplicated figure.
"Continuing education for the professions" includes noncredit offerings aimed at upgrading skills and maintaining licensure.  These courses include those offered through the campus extended studies division as well as through individual academic departments.
"All other noncredit" enrollment includes, for example, programs aimed at youths and seniors; conferences; community education and personal development courses; and separate contracts between organizations and the OUS institution.  Additional services provided by OSU Extension Service are not included here.
Noncredit Enrollment, 1999-00
(Duplicated headcount, summer 1999 through spring 2000)

  Continuing Education
for Professions
All Other


Eastern Oregon University                        -              220           220
Oregon Institute of Technology                        -                50            50
Oregon State University1               24,347          40,391      64,738
Portland State University                        -          23,554      23,554
Southern Oregon University                 2,956          12,648      15,604
University of Oregon               27,023          45,736      72,759
Western Oregon University                    280           8,988        9,268
OCATE2                    696


     Total               55,302        131,587    186,889

1Excludes enrollments through OSU Extension.
2Oregon Center for Advanced Technology Education.
Source:  Institution reports.

Revised: March 2001
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