OUS Fact Book 2000
Sponsored Research Dollars per Faculty

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Sponsored Research & Other Restricted Dollars per Faculty, Fiscal Year

Sponsored Research & Other Restricted Dollars1
 per Full-Time Faculty, Fiscal Year 1999-00

  Sponsored Research Full-Time Research Dollars
  & Other Support Faculty Headcount2 per Faculty

Eastern Oregon University $1,819,887   79   $23,037  
Oregon Institute of Technology 2,191,145   114   19,221  
Oregon State University 105,285,279   693   151,927  
Portland State University 23,986,280   452   53,067  
Southern Oregon University 2,574,978   175   14,714  
University of Oregon 56,402,990   624   90,389  
Western Oregon University 6,343,666   159   39,897  
Total3 $198,604,225 2,296 $86,500

NOTE: The data definitions used in this table differ from those used in similar tables appearing in OUS Fact Books prior to 1998, making comparisons with earlier years unwise.
1Restricted funds expenditures. Excludes student aid.  Includes sponsored research, teaching/training grants, student services grants, library grants, and similar support.
2This table reports regular full-time faculty (.90 FTE or greater) whose primary assignment is instruction (more than .50 FTE in an instructional department). Regular faculty on sabbatical leave are included. For Oregon State University, ranked full-time faculty at the Agricultural Experiment Station, the Forest Research Laboratory, and the Extension Service are included as long as some of their FTE is budgeted in an instructional account.
3Excludes sponsored research and other support generated by the Chancellor's Office.
Sources: (1) OUS 1999-00 Annual Financial Report, Statement of Current Funds Revenues, Expenditures, and Other Changes. (2) OUS Institutional Research Services, 1999-00 Faculty Reports.

Revised: March 2001
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