Absence, Leave of (See Leave of Absence);
Accrediting of Colleges of Education; 7, 50
Ackerman Training School, salary adjustments; 65
Acoustical material at Medical School, installation of; 54
Adjustments, curricular, for 1944-45; 6
Adjustments, Medical School; 66
Administration of Farm Labor Program; 19
Admission requirements; 15
Allied Ministers of Education, International conference of; 63
Allotment from War Food Administration, OSC; 23
Animal industries development at OSC; 111
Animal industries program financing; 130
Annual budgets; 30
Appeal denied Ray E. Herman; 76

W.G. Beattie, Acting Director of General Extension; 3
Committees, 1944-45; 84, 85
Professor Hollis, Acting President of University of Oregon; 2
Professor Turnbull, Acting Dean of School of Journalism; 24

Architect's Contracts:

Agricultural Building, OSC; 87
Eastern Oregon College of Education; 86
Laboratory Building and Union Building, U of O; 69, 86
Medical School; 61, 70
Oregon State College; 86
University of Oregon; 61, 86

Association of Independent Colleges of Oregon, Communication from; 2
Authorization to sign documents; 78


Basement improvements, Fenton Hall; 61
Bennes drawings, purchase of; 118
Bill, Veteran's; 77

December Meeting; 128
January Meeting, Special; 1
January Meeting; 5
July Meeting; 69
June Meeting; 59
March Meeting; 15
May Meeting; 30
October Meeting; 109
Officers, re-election, 1944-45; 77
Representation at Commencements; 50, 97
September Meeting; 86

Bonds, 9th Service Command, resolution re execution; 137
Branch Experiment Station, Building at Hood River; 54
Budget additions:

Animal Husbandry, dept. of, OSC; 10
Cadet Nurse Corps, EOCE; 79
Clothing & Textile Dept., OSC; 55
Dean of Engineering, OSC; 115
Dean of Science, OSC; 54
Dean of Women's Office, U of O; 137
Economics, Department of, OSC; 23
Editor's Office, U of O; 79
Federal Cooperative Extension; 99
Gym Suit Service, OSC; 20
Home Economics Department, U of O; 116
Library Wage, U of O; 115
Mechanical Engineering Dept., OSC; 99
Museum of Natural History, U of O; 100
Outpatient Clinic and Doernbecher Hospital wage; 66
Photographic Service; 54
Physical Education Extension, OSC; 137
Physical Plant Repairs, OSC; 117
Portland Center and Correspondence Study; 54
Salary, U of O; 115
School of Forestry, OSC; 10
Speech Department, OSC; 54
Wage, EOCE; 66
Wage, U of O; 115
Women's Athletic Dept., OSC; 9

Budgeting of:

Balances, Experiment Station and Farm Maintenance Depts.; 100
Funds for Coroner's Assistance; 79


Annual; 30
Review of 1944-45 Biennial, TB Hospital and Crippled Children Division; 111
Readjustment of Physical Education, U of O; 65
1944-45 Summer Sessions; 118
Transfers in, at Medical School; 99
Tuberculosis Hospital; 54, 111
In-Service Teacher Training; 73


Bonds, OCE, refunding of; 20
Committee's Report, commending; 32
Hood River Branch Experiment Station; 54
Program, presentation to Governor; 76
Program, ten-year; 32

Bulkhead Construction at Medical School; 59


CAA Account, transfers in; 137
Cadet Nurse Corps budget at EOCE; 70
Candidates for Degrees and Diplomas approved; 79

EOCE, Mac Hoke; 78
OCE, R. C. Groesbeck; 78
OSC, Beatrica W. Sackett; 78
SOCE, Robert W. Ruhl; 78
U of O, Medical School, R. E. Kleinsorge; 78
U of O, Edgar Smith; 78

Canvass for President, University, funds for; 23
Carry-over salary; 88
Cemetery lots, Rest Haven Memorial; 101
Chancellor's report on plans for post-war education; 135
Change in date of January Meeting; 141
Clackamas County, sale of lots; 66
Clothing and Textile Department budget addition; 55
Colleges of Education, accrediting of; 7, 50
Commencements, Board representation; 50, 97
Commencement, OSC; 19
Commending Building Committee on report; 32
Committees, Appointment of, 1944-45; 84, 85
Committee changes due to resignation of Sammons; 133
Committee, High School Relations; 90, 91, 92
Communication from:

Association of Independent Colleges of Oregon; 2
J.N. Barry; 112
North Pacific College; 133
Oregon Humane Society; 50
State Board of Dental Examiners; 76

Comptroller's Investment report; 132
Condon Lectureship; 113, 131
Conference of Allied Ministers of Education, International; 63
Confirmation of granting of degrees at Medical School; 115
Construction of:

Bulkhead at Medical School; 59
Physical Plant Shops at U of O; 61

Contracts, architect's, U of O and Medical School building; 61, 86
Co-ordinator of Inter-American Affairs:

Chancellor's conference with; 4
Letter from N. Rockefeller; 76

Coroner's assistance, budgeting of funds for; 79
Crippled Children and TB Hospital Div. budget; 111
Curricular adjustments for 1944-45; 6
Curricular adjustments, retail trade bureau; 77


Dean Baird's report on University Hospital; 60
Dean of Engineering, budget addition; 115
Dean of Women's Office budget addition; 137
Degree, reduction in required hours; 79
Dental Education in Oregon, resolution regarding; 62
Dental Examiners, State Board of, communication; 76
Department of animal industries, OSC; 111
Disposition of proceeds of sale of KOAC transmitter; 32
Documents, authorization to sign; 78
Doernbecher hospital, budget addition; 66
Dormitories, Men's and Women's, OSC; 71, 87
Dormitory, addition, EOCE; 86, 87
Dormitory, fee for Medical School; 7
Dormitory, SOCE; 86
Dormitory Women's additions, U of O; 86



Architect's contracts; 86
Cadet Nurse Corps budget addition; 79
Candidates for degrees and diplomas approved, Mac Hoke; 78
Commendation; 76
Dormitory addition; 86, 87
Federal Work's grant for dormitory; 87
New stokers; 129
Sloan Foundation Grant; 51
Wage budget addition; 66

Editor's Office budget addition, U of O; 79
Eighth Annual National Traffic Institute at OSC; 137
Election of Board Officers; 77
Electrical Engineering Wing, OSC; 87
Engineering and Home Economics, OSC, awarding of Ph.D. degrees; 88
Eugene Labor Unions; 134
Experiment Station, Department of Food, gifts, OSC; 77, 78
Experiment Station, Hood River; 54
Experiment Stations and Farm Maintenance Depts., budgeting of balance; 10
Experiment Stations, field trip; 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97



General Extension, appointment of W.G. Beattie as Acting Director; 3

Eastern Oregon College of Education:

Anonymous donor; 64
Mr. & Mrs. C. Berry; 53
Mr. W. F. Craig; 53
Mr. & Mrs. G. W. Franklin; 64
Mr. R. J. Green; 52
Heppner Parent Teacher's Association; 136
Mr. G. I. Hess; 64
MR. H. I. Hess; 52
Irrigon High School Seniors; 136
Miss A. Johnson; 78
Miss A. Johnson; 78
La Grande:

Aerie #259 Fraternal Order of Eagles; 78
American Legion Post #43; 9
Eagles Lodge; 53
Elks Lodge; 53
Evening Observer; 53
Masonic Organizations; 64
Rotary Club; 9
Soroptimist Club; 78

Lions Club:

Enterprise; 64
La Grande; 64

Mr. & Mrs. F. J. Lottes; 53
L. L. McKennon; 114
Masonic Lodge, Union; 78
Pioneer Flouring Mills, Island City; 64
Mr. & Mrs. R. Price; 78
Dr. Frank L. Ralston; 52
Dr. & Mrs. A. L. Richardson; 114
Sloan Foundation; 19
Snodgrass Funeral Home, La Grande; 53
Mr. & Mrs. George J. Tiss; 53
Mr. R. F. Tyler; 53
Trotter's Men's Store; 64
S. H. Weimer, J. L.. Sinden, & R. E. Gerards; 64

General Extension Division and University:

Mrs. P. Kennedy; 98

Medical School:

American Legion Auxiliary; 18, 52
American Medical Association; 18, 52
Dr. C. Beattie; 114
Copeland Lumber Co.; 9
Mrs. M. Hart; 136
Mrs. P. Hart; 9
Hood River County Health Association; 52
N.W. Jones; 64
Edgar Kaiser, Oregon Shipbuilding Co., Portland; 136
Joseph Lipshutz, Friends of; 18
Markle Foundation; 64
National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, Inc.:

Multnomah County Chapter; 114
Washington County Chapter; 98

Office of Scientific Research and Development; 52
Oregon Federation of Women's Clubs; 98
Oregon Shipbuilding Corp., Rigging Dept.; 114
C. O. Peterson; 9
M. B. Train; 64
Louis A. Vierani; 9
VioBin Corp.; 18
George K. Voss; 9

Oregon State College:

American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education; 8, 98
American Society of Heating & Ventilating Engineers; 114
American Society of Refrigerating Engineers; 114
Beaver Cabinet Works; 135
Mrs. L. G. Clarke; 8
Gilbert I. Conner; 114
Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corp.; 18
Mrs. E. A. Cummings; 52
Mrs. I. C. Dietrich; 9
Mrs. J. A. Hanson; 18
Miss M. Hunter; 135
Dr. & Mrs. W. J. Kerr & OSC Folk Club; 64
Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Leedy; 18
Miss Lucy Lewis; 135
J. F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation; 98
Martin Dennis Co.; 114
Mutual Wholesale Drug Co.; 52
Frank Nau; 64
Nutrition Foundation, Inc. of New York; 52
Plotz Foundation, Ella Sach; 78
Mrs. Z. Rodenwald; 113
State Pharmaceutical Association; 64
Swift & Company; 9
Lillian Taylor; 98
United Airlines; 8
War Department; 18
G. C. Williams; 98
Williams-Waterman Fund, Research Corp.; 98, 114

Oregon State College Experiment Station - Dept. of Food Industries:

Blue Lake Producers of Salem; 78
Farquhar & Co., Tacoma, Washington; 77
War Department; 98

State System of Higher Education:

Co-ordinator of Inter-American Affairs; 19

University of Oregon:

American Academy of Arts & Sciences; 98
American Institute of Architects; 8
Associated Students; 18
Dr. B. B. Barker; 18
Dr. Campbell & Mrs. Houck; 8
Eugene Quota Club; 18
John G. Foster; 8, 18
Mr. & Mrs. George Guistina; 8
Amy R. Goldsmith; 8
L. T. Harris; 77
J. A. Murray; 18
Oregon Mothers Club; 77
Oregon State Society of Certified Public Accountants; 63
Propeller Club of United States; 135
Society of Sigma Xi, New York; 98
State Association of U of O Women; 77
T. Neil Taylor; 8
C. P. Tillman; 113
United Airlines; 77
Dean Vincent; 18
G. B. Warner; 18, 51
M. M. Widmer; 135
Women's Choral Club; 113

Graduate Division rank; 136

EOCE Dormitory, Federal Works; 87
Plotz Foundation, Ella Sack, Boston, Mass.; 788
Vocational Education, budgeting of; 20

Granting of degrees at Medical School, confirmation of; 115
Gym Suit Service budget, addition to - OSC; 20


Hazen Estate, settlement of; 75
Health Service Program at Medical School; 136
Heating Survey at Medical School; 71
Herman, Ray E., appeal denied; 76
High School Relations Committee; 90, 91, 92
Home Ec. and Engineering at OSC, awarding of Ph.D. degrees; 88
Home Economics Department budget addition; 116
Hood River Branch Experiment Station; 54
Humane Society of Oregon, Communication from; 50


Improvements at Radio Station, KOAC; 75
Improvement of Physical Education Fields; 100
Improvements at Medical School; 130
Increases at U of O Physical Plant, request for; 76
In-Service Teacher Training budget; 73
In-Service Teacher Training, report on; 51
Institute of Inter-American Affairs; 51, 54, 76
Insurance policy, F. D. Coenders; 7
Inter-American Affairs, Institute of; 51, 54, 76
Inter-American Affairs, Co-ordinator, Chancellor's conference; 4
International conference of Allied Ministers of Education; 63
Investment report of comptroller; 132
Ion Lewis Scholarship Managing Committee; 53


January Meeting, Change in date; 141
John Day Associates, membership in; 135


KOAC, improvements at Radio Station; 75
KOAC transmitter, disposition of proceeds of sale of; 32


Labor Unions, Eugene; 134
Laboratory Building, architect's contracts; 69
Land purchase for Athletic Field at OSC; 129
Lanham grant for Nursery Annex at OSC; 101, 118
Laundry Service at Medical School; 73
Leasing of Woodward bequest property; 32
Leaves of Absence:

Medical School; 83, 84, 127
EOCE; 27, 125
OSC; 12, 24, 25, 26, 56, 57, 67, 82, 103, 105, 106, 122, 123
SOCE; 68
U of O; 11, 55, 117

Lectureship, Condon; 131
Library Materials from foreign sources, purchase of; 112
Library wage budget addition; 115
Loan funds for students; 16
Lower division and terminal education, report on; 5


Marine Biology property, used by Army; 51
McDonald Forest, purchases of additional property; 99
Medical School:

Acoustical material, installation of; 54
Adjustments; 66
Architects' contracts; 61, 70
Bulkhead construction; 59
Candidates for degrees and diplomas, R. E. Kleinsorge; 78
Confirmation of granting of degrees; 115
Commencement; 97
Dormitory fee; 7
Health Service Program; 136
Heating Survey at; 71
Improvements; 130
Laundry Service at; 73
Protective Railing at; 20
Purchase of microscopes; 137
Sale of house received through Train will; 110
Transfers in budgets; 99

Membership in John Day Associates; 135
Memorial resolution re Dr. Erb; 1
Memorials, communications and petitions; 50
Men's dormitory at OSC; 71
Microscopes at Medical School, purchase of; 137
Morris property at Monmouth; 132
Moving of Nurse's home; 70
Museum of Natural History, additional budget; 100


Naming of proposed student Union Building, U of O; 53
National Traffic Institute, OSC, 8th annual; 137
New stokers for EOCE; 129
North Pacific College communications; 133
North Pacific College communications; 133
Northwest Regional Council Library at OSC; 113
Nurses dormitory, budget for; 20
Nurse's home, moving of, U of O; 70
Nursery School Program at OSC; 67
Nursing Education budget, revised; 19


Oak Grove, sale of lots; 10


Building Bonds, refunding of; 20
Candidates for degrees and diplomas approved, R. C. Groesbeck; 78
Personnel Adjustments; 27
Purchase of lot; 10

Oregon Humane Society, communication from; 50


Animal industries development; 111
Architect's contracts, Agriculture Building; 86, 87
Awarding of Ph D. degrees in Home Economics; 88
Budget additions:

Animal Husbandry, Department of; 10
Clothing and Textile, Department of; 55
Dean of Engineering; 115
Dean of Science; 54
Economics, Department of; 23
Gym Suit Service; 20
Physical Education Extension; 137
Physical Plant Repairs; 117
School of Forestry; 10
Speech Dept.; 54
Women's Athletic Dept.; 9

Candidates for degrees and diplomas approved, Beatrice W. Sackett; 78
Commencement; 19
Electrical Engineering wing; 87
Engineering and Home Economics, awarding of Ph D. degrees; 88
Land purchase for athletic field; 129
Lanham Grant for Nursery annex; 101, 118
Men and women's dormitories; 71, 87
Mechanical Engineering, additional budget; 99
National Traffic Institute, 8th annual; 137
Oregon State Medical Society, operation of Dental School; 97
Northwest Regional Council Library; 113
Nursery School Program; 67
Personnel adjustments; 24
Personnel changes to care for increased enrollment; 116
Property purchases for Building Program; 110
Research project on stream pollution; 117
Restoration of position reference assistant in library; 99
Water supply; 131

Oregon State Teachers Association proposal presented; 28
OSTA resolutions adopted by; 135
Outpatient Clinic and Doernbecher Hospital budget addition; 66


Parking lot, Savage estate, sale of; 66
Personnel adjustments:

Medical School; 26
Oregon College of Education; 27
State College; 24
University; 23

Personnel changes to care for increased enrollment:

Oregon State College; 116
University of Oregon; 115

Petitions, communications and memorials; 50
Ph D degrees, awarding of, in Engineering and Home Ec, OSC; 88
Photographic Service budget, addition to, at OSC; 88
Physical Education budget, addition to, at OSC; 137
Physical Education budget, readjustment, U OF O; 65
Physical Education Field, improvement; 100
Physical plant employees, wage increase; 76
Physical plant repair, budget addition; 117
Physical plant shops, construction of, at U of O; 61
Physical plant employees at U of O, wage increases; 113
Planning consultant at U of O, creation of position; 100
Plans for post-war education, Chancellor's report; 135
Policy, admissions committee (high school relations); 90
Policy, F. D. Coenders, insurance; 7
Portland Center and Correspondence, study budgets, addition to; 54
Post-war planning, report on; 17
Presentation to Governor, Building Program; 76
President of University, funds for canvass; 23
A. G. Prill bird collection, purchase of, U of O; 92
Proceeds of sale of KOAC transmitter; 32
Program financing, animal industries; 130
Property of Marine Biology used by Army; 51
Property of Monmouth, Morris; 132
Property purchases for OSC building program; 110
Property, purchase at U of O; 74
Proposals for Retail Trade Bureau; 63
Proposal for Retirement Plan; 72
Proposal presented by Oregon Teacher's Association; 28
Proposal student Union Building, naming of; 53
Purchase of:

Additional property for McDonald Forest, OSC; 99
Benne's drawings; 118
Land for Athletic field at OSC; 129
Library materials from foreign sources; 112
Lot by OCE; 10
Microscopes at Medical School; 137
A. G. Prill bird collection by U of O; 92
Property, U of O; 74



Railing, protective, at Medical School; 20
Rank, graduate division; 136
Reduction in required hours for degree; 79
Reduction in time for F. L. Robinson; 57
Refunding of OCE Building Bonds; 20
Re Hazel P. Schwering and Jessica Todd; 134
Replacement of C. V. Boyer by E. G. Moll; 55
Replacement of steam lines, U of O; 55
Report of Dean Baird on University Hospital; 60
Report on In-Service Teacher Training; 51
Report on lower division and terminal education; 5
Report on plans for Post-War Education, Chancellor's; 135
Report on post-war planning; 17
Representation of Board at commencements; 50, 97
Requirements for admission; 15
Research project on stream pollution, OSC; 117
Resignation of Sammons, Committee changes due to; 133
Resolution re execution of bonds with 9th Service Command; 137
Resolution regarding Dr. Erb; 1
Resolution regarding Dental Education in Oregon; 62
Resolution regarding Senator McNary; 28
Resolutions adopted by OSTA; 135
Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery lots; 101
Restoration of position of reference assistant in library OSC; 99
Retail Trade Bureau, curricular adjustments; 77
Retail Trade Bureau, proposals of; 63
Retirement Program, proposals for; 72
Revised Nursing Education budget; 19
Rockefeller, Nelson, Co-ordinator of Inter-American Affairs, letter from; 76


Salary adjustments at Ackerman Training School; 65
Salary budget addition, U of O; 115
Salary, Carry-over; 88
Sale of house by Medical School received through Train Will; 110
Sale of lots in Clackamas County; 66
Sale of lots in Oak Grove; 10
Sale of Savage Estate parking lot, Medical School; 66
Scanlon, Brig. Gen., Martin F., Letter commending EOCE; 76
Scholarship Managing Committee, Ion Lewis; 53
School of Forestry budget addition; OSC; 10
Science, Dean of, budget addition, OSC; 54
Hazel P. Schwering and Jessica Todd, re; 134
Senator McNary, resolution regarding; 28
Settlement of Hazen Estate; 75
Sloan Foundation Grant; 51


Architect's Contracts; 70, 86
Candidates for degrees and diplomas approved, Robt. W. Ruhl; 78
Dormitory; 86

Speech Department budget, addition to, OSC; 54
State Tuberculosis Hospital budget; 54, 111
Steam lines, installation at U of O; 74
Steam lines, replacement of; 55
Stream pollution, Research Project, OSC; 117
Student Loan funds; 16
Student Union Building, naming of, U of O; 53
Summer Sessions, 1944-45; 118


Teacher Training budget, In-Service; 73
Ten-year Building Program; 32
Transfers in CAA account; 1337
Tuberculosis Hospital budget; 54, 111


Union Building, Architect's contracts, OSC; 69


Appointment of Professor Hollis, Acting President; 2
Architect's Contracts, Laboratory and Union Building; 69, 86
Basement improvement, Fenton Hall; 61
Budget Additions:

Dean of Women's Office; 137
Editor's Office; 79
Home Economics Department; 116
Library Wage; 115
Museum of Natural History; 100
Salary; 115
Wage; 115

Candidates for degrees and diplomas approved, Edgar W. Smith; 78
Construction of Physical Plant shops; 61
Dormitory, Women's additions; 86
Funds for canvass of President; 23
Increases at Physical Plant, request for; 76
Naming of proposed student Union Building; 53
Nurse's home, moving of; 70
Personnel adjustments; 23
Personnel changes to care for increased enrollment; 115
Physical Education budget, readjustments; 65
Physical Plant employees, wage increases; 113
Planning Consultant, creation of position; 100
Property, purchase of; 74
Purchase of A. G. Prill bird collection; 92
Purchase of property; 74
Replacement of steam lines; 55
Steam lines, installation of; 74
Woodward bequest property, leasing of U of O; 32
Veteran's Bill; 77
Vocational Education, budgeting of Grant from; 20



Wage budget addition, EOCE; 66
Wage budget addition, U of O; 115
Wage increases, physical plant employees; 76, 113
War Food Administration, allotment from, OSC; 23
Water Supply, OSC; 131
Women's Athletic Department, budget addition to; 9
Woodward bequest property, leasing of, U of O; 32
Women's dormitory addition, U of O; 86
Women's dormitory, OSC; 87