Joint Boards Articulation Commission

Meeting Summary Notes
June 12, 2002
Conference Call

Members Present

Dave Phillips, Clatsop Community College, Chair
Jim Arnold, Oregon University System
Craig Bell, Portland Community College
Ken Gilson, Western Oregon University

Michele Sandlin, Oregon State University
Mary Kay Tetreault, Portland State University
Mark Wahlers, Concordia University
Elaine Yandle-Roth, Community Colleges and Workforce Development

Dave Phillips called the meeting to order at 10:08 a.m.


1. Introductions, Announcements and Suggestions for the Agenda

Jim Arnold called the roll of members. There were no announcements or suggestions for the agenda.

2. Minutes of the May 15, 2002, Meeting

The minutes of the May 2002 meeting were approved as submitted.

3. Data Sharing with OICA Institutions

Elaine Yandle-Roth reported that a conference call took place on June 10, 2002, with herself, Jim Arnold, Mickie Bush (Concordia University), and Marilyn Kolodziejczyk (CCWD) participating. The subject of discussion was the JBAC workplan item that states: “Explore data-sharing efforts with members of the Oregon Independent Colleges Association in order to implement a tracking system (e.g., performance, persistence) for students who transfer to those campuses.” Essentially, this speaks to the proposed development of a data-sharing initiative such as the one that currently exists between OUS and the community colleges and has led to valuable information regarding student performance and persistence after they transfer to a public baccalaureate-granting institution. This small group agreed that starting such a project would be possible. Bush agreed to discuss this with Gary Andeen, Executive Director of the Oregon Independent Colleges Association (OICA), as the OICA office would be the likely central repository for data from the independent campuses. After collection by OICA, data would then be forwarded to Kolodziejczyk at OCCURS. Kolodziejczyk and Bush discussed specific data elements that would be required to initiate a test project. Bush agreed to keep the small group apprised of progress, especially after she consults with Andeen. In sum, the success of this effort will depend on OICA efforts to centralize data collection with the independent colleges and universities.

4. Report from the June 5, 2002, Student Transfer Committee Meeting

Phillips reported on the activities of the Student Transfer Committee (STC) from last week. (Complete meeting notes are available online at, so only a brief summary is recorded here.) Along with good attendance by regular STC members, guests were on hand to discuss special topics.

Holly Zanville and Michael Dalton from the Chancellor’s Office joined the meeting by phone to describe the Education-Arts & Sciences Summit meeting, held on April 25, 2002, in Salem. STC members agreed that a large challenge remains regarding how to get information “out there” to students about the complexities of pursuing an educational path that leads to teacher licensure.

Joan Ryan of Clackamas Community College was present in person to discuss the progress on the proposed AS/OT-Bus, as addressed by the Statewide Business Chairs/Deans group on May 10, 2002, at a meeting at Linn-Benton Community College. The outcome of that meeting was the appointment of a task force, led by Jim Arnold, charged with taking up where the large group left off and trying to work through some of the remaining issues, such as the math and business-specific requirements where no “compromise” agreement was reached.

Michele Sandlin, JBAC member and STC guest, presented a proposal regarding a “generic” AS/OT. With the labor-intense nature of developing discipline-specific associate’s degrees for transfer, Oregon State University proposes that the STC consider a more general approach, similar to the one OSU has used with community colleges in Washington and Hawaii. Phillips agreed to take this idea to the Council of Instructional Administrators meeting in July, while Dana Young (Blue Mountain Community College) agreed to take the idea to the community colleges student services administrators meeting this summer, as well.

Additionally, Yandle-Roth presented her office’s review of the AA/OT requirements, as reported at the April JBAC meeting. Much of the discussion generated at STC revolved around the issue of the communications requirement: should Sp111 be THE required course to satisfy the Oral Communication/Rhetoric portion of the General Requirements? STC members agreed to go back and review the rationale, at their campuses, regarding the inclusion of speech courses other than 111.

Another STC meeting was scheduled for October 23, 2002, at OIT Metro.

5. JBAC Membership Update and Next Year’s Meeting Schedule

Yandle-Roth reminded everyone that as of July 1, 2002, JBAC will be operating under new guidelines and a new membership structure. A key feature of the membership change is the elimination of campus presidents and the assignment of JBAC Chair duties to chief academic officers. Phillips has agreed to stay on for the community colleges, through 2004. Liz Goulard will remain through 2003, as will Craig Bell. For the admission/registrar position (community colleges), Glenda Tepper has been nominated. Mark Wahlers will remain the OICA representative through 2002. The ODE representative is as yet un-named.

For OUS, Arnold reported that Tetreault will extend her term for one more year, through 2003, and chair the group next year. The other OUS positions have yet to be named, though the Chancellor is expected to make new appointments soon.

The group indicated that Wednesday’s continue to be acceptable for meeting days; either the 2nd or 3rd Wednesday of the month will do. Arnold indicated that he will develop a proposal for a schedule for next year and distribute to members once the final membership has been established. The schedule will call for three in-person meetings and other meetings by conference call, as that pattern appears to have worked acceptably this year.

6. Workplan Review

Arnold noted that the workplan has been revised, with the addition of “b” portion to item number 5 that states: “Support and promote the development and use of electronic means for the interchange of educational records and information between Oregon University System campuses, Oregon Community Colleges, and Oregon Independent Colleges and Universities.”

No other changes (or progress) are noted for the workplan since the discussion last month.

Arnold indicated that, over the summer, he will be preparing the annual report, for review by the group at the September meeting. The report will likely be delivered at the November 2002 meeting of the Joint Boards.

7. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 a.m.


Prepared by Jim Arnold
OUS Academic Affairs
June 13, 2002